It’s always around my birthday that I get somewhat nostalgic and wax philosophic about my younger years. I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination but at a soon-to-be 49, I’m no longer a little boy either.

I have to smile thinking about several lines from an old James Taylor song called,
I was a fool to care” – (if you know the album title right now, you’re my age)

I wish I was an old man

And love was through with me

I wish I was a baby on my mama’s knee

I wish I was a freight train

Moving down the line

Just a’ keeping track of time

Without all these memories . . .

I have so many sweet memories from long ago: the phone call from my mother asking me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday (she made many), the apple pie my father would bring home from Ware Pratt (a men’s clothing store, long gone) where he signed me up in their Birthday Club entitling me to a pie every January 10th until I turned 13.

(and yeah, I’d give my twin sister m~ a slice)

So, so damn sweet.

Sometimes I have to wonder if I wasn’t a fool to care about such things; caring turns into sentimentality turns into heartache and ends with something sad and bittersweet.

Looking back, I realize I did care about those things. Dearly.

These are just words connecting my thoughts tonight, folks, and nothing real deep.

Whenever there’s a pause in my writing routine, I get back to square one by house cleaning and moving furniture; it’s my own personal literary feng shui if you will.
The warmest of wishes I send out to my twin sister, my own flesh and blood.
The rivers we’ve traveled run deep.
Happy Birthday, Moe.
I pray our 49th year finds us healthy, full of happiness and covered with more love than we both know what to do with.
I guess this post has turned out to be something of a prayer.
And I welcome that . . .


ps. my sister now signs her emails m~ . . . 😆

pps. thanks to my dear friends, Laho & Liho for the cholesterol-inducing breakfast.
It was awesome.

ppps. Happy Birthday, Guinness!!!!!

26 thoughts on “49

  1. My wish for you is simple- 49 smiles from people that you meet on your birthday and 49 happy thoughts throughout your day.Birthdays are fun-it really doesn’t matter how many you have celebrated,each one is always the BEST! Happy Birthday Michael! Love,Pamela


  2. Birthdays really aren’t about your age at all you know. They are about chances. Chance to look at your life and remember, or assess what you like and what you wish to change. Chance to celebrate with people you love and who love you back. Chance to celebrate life, living and love, and most of all, chance for each of us to feel joyful for having someone like you as part of our lives.

    Happy birthday ~m. May the next 49 be so much sweeter.



  3. forty-nine?!? christ-in-a-sidecar, you don’t look a day over 48! 😉

    pencil me in for next wednesday, january 16….1:00-ish, if that works for you.

    i hope this is a wonderful year, filled with shining moments…


  4. There’s not a darn thing wrong with sentimentality. It’s one of those things that makes us uniquely human. It hurts to love deeply, but it’s better than not loving. Nick calls it his ‘soft underbelly’. The metaphoric one of course. Everyone should have one.

    I hope you have the most happy of birthdays. I’m quite sure you’re lovely wife and daughters will make it quite special for their guy.


  5. Happy Birthday Mike. I hope its one to remember. Thank you for your blog. Your writing has touched me in so many ways. Perhaps you’ve made me cry more than laugh…but it was very therapeutic.
    love of family & fatherhood is one to be admired.
    I too have many fond memories that I look back upon…….and what it tells me is that I have to make good memories for my sons and grandchildren as well…so that they have great memories to look back upon. That’s all we’re doing…..just making good memories.


  6. happy birthday, you old man you!
    i hope your day is filled with wonder and your night with pleasure…may all your dreams come true michael…if anyone deserves a dream to come true it’s you my friend


  7. help! i’m talking and i can’t shut up!

    BTW, james taylor totally rocks. his lyrics speak directly to my stony ole heart.

    happy anniversary of your birth!

    i am so glad you were born!


  8. Happy berfday, my friend. I am grateful that you are here and our paths have crossed. BTW, my friend, Debbie the courrier, happened to be in your home town the other night and I asked her to do a drive by and honk the horn. Did she? (Nope, I’m not kiddin’)


  9. M&M birthdays, that’s so cute!!! I hope you have a beautiful one. Nice post. I didn’t cry when I read it. I cried just before so I got it out of my system or else I woulda. Have a blessed 49th year. And I better get an invite to the big 5-0 bash next year.


  10. So true my friend, so true. Birthdays will do that to ya. Heck I have been thinking about how my mother put flour on the kitchen table so my Hot Wheels could drive in the winter.

    Hopefully I will be as astute with words as you are in the coming years. Just by your words and how you write, you give an aura much younger than your years.

    Now if I can just convince that guy in the mirror . . .


  11. I’ve been spending more time wandering outside the blog world lately and so I too am late for my best wishes.

    I do remember your birthday though, as that morning I walked up a very busy rush hour street and through a fence noticed a hawk standing on the green. I’ve never seen a bird that big in the city. It made me stop and stare and smile. He/She was beautiful and powerful, reminding us humans that no matter how busy we are on Earth, they will always have to skies to soar up to. I remember sending that wish out to all my fellow humans, asking for a moment of peace and vision. I hope you got it.

    Congrats on your journey so far and safe yet fulfilled road ahead, Michael.

    I got it, SP and I thank you.
    As far as wandering outside the blogworld, wander. Cyberspace is but a click away.
    I do hope you’re well and think of you often.
    I’ll be by for a visit very soon.
    be well, S


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