8 thoughts on “muzzycat

  1. i’m glad you said small!
    i’ll admit that’s one funny cat though….i’m sure there are some “people” out there would make use of him is the problem….
    stuff on my cat is a giggle…i’ve been there a few times and never fail to come away with a smile…

    Good ole Muzzy . . . he wouldn’t hurt anyone. Would he? 😉


  2. That’s a funny picture. I’ve never had a cat in my life that would have allowed me to subject them to such treatment!

    ICHC ~> What language is that?!?! It hurts my head, trying to read at that site. I did see a pic of a polar bear that I thought was funny though….


    Just a nod on ICHC. I think the site has some funny stuff but overall it’s pretty silly.


  3. Indded, lolcat’s is one of my guilty pleasures.
    And no, I have not heard a peep from the sin man. I too am a bit concerned but am hoping he is just busy and didn’t pick up an unexpected shiv in the back or anything like that.
    Oh, and you know he would be discusted by the whole ICHC thing. I do believe he wrote one of his infamouse haikus about it. Or was this a ploy to draw him out by itching his ire?

    Itching his ire? You KNOW that . . . :mrgreen:


  4. ok, if i did that to my {ex-} 18-lb beastie, i would fear for my life while i attempted sleep.

    have you ever gotten the e-mail “why dogs bite people”?

    tsk, tsk…some people just have too much time on their hands..LOL

    m squared, let’s look at the schedule again!

    I have received that email. Very funny.
    And yes, please look at the schedule. My poor shoulders are killing me.


  5. Don’t take the pictures too seriously…….
    Suicide bombers are chickens, not cats!
    By the way, is today your birthday? Happy B’day….hope I got the day right! Enjoy!! 🙂


  6. Just let me know if you want 1 or 2 or 12. I have plenty. Ugh.

    Nothing better when you walk outside to the fresh aroma of cat poo. Then mix that it when the scent of the cows next door and it makes for a very intoxicating scent.

    I think a guy was wearing that exact scent on the train the other day.
    I didn’t catch the name though . . . 😉


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