Patriots are History

Love them or hate them, it’s in the books, folks. [38-35]
Though I’m pissed Eli Manning didn’t take a decent hit all night.
(though he managed to dodged a few, the goofball that he is)
16 – 0
And I’m not ashamed to admit; I love Wes Welker.
Rock on, Pats . . .


9 thoughts on “Patriots are History

  1. My husband divided his time between watching this game and our new HD-DVD version of Battlestar Galactica. I don’t know if I heard him correctly, but I believe that he said that they were trying to achieve a winning season. I hope they succeed, and I look forward to reading your post about it. 😉

    They did in fact succeed. In a major way.
    People hate NE . . . they’re just too damn good!


  2. I very rarely watch football, never quite developed the taste for it. But…
    But even I watched the game yesterday and really enjoyed how the Patriots came back with their 22 point-run (probably not the right lingo). They looked as elegant as football can look. So smooth. Yes, even a non-fan like me appreciated the talent they showed and enjoyed it!
    Well done!

    Talent? Yes!


  3. I agree rock on Patriots. Amazing what you can set your mind to and accomplish.
    I’m not much of a NFL fan but I’d like to see them stay undefeated.

    Just for the optimist hidden deep in here somewhere.

    happy new year to you and your family.

    Tanks, Kim. And yes, the Pats remain undefeated.
    Coolbeans . . .


  4. ok, i am a HUGE pats fan and am so proud.

    SU-WEEEET 16! it just keeps getting better and better, as much as i never really liked randy moss, a lil of the new england finesse seems to be rubbing off on him. plus he has the agility and grace of a ballerina. my personal favorite, for a few years now: asante samuel. laurence maroney. and vince bigfork. god, you gotta love these guys!

    led by none other than the epitome of class and ethics himself: bill frodocheck (love the way he cuts off the sleeves of his $150 sweatshirts!)

    anyway, i could go on and on, but i won’t….just happy to be on top again.

    On top is always good.


  5. I knew I could get the lowdown from you. I was in the car driving across Texas all day yesterday and radios just don’t give out any news that’s over 24 hours old.
    Now I’m off to find out how LSU did.

    Happy New Year!

    How did LSU do?


  6. Grrr. Grumble Grumble. I have a hard time finding anything sincere and redeeming about Belichick*. He gets under my skin. But I still like you. 🙂 The only (good) thing I have to say about the Pats though were that they were my only sure win each week in the pick ’em leagues.

    Bel is a smug bastard but he’s our smug bastard and we love him.
    I can see how he rubs others the wrong way.
    Glad the Pats made you some money.
    Go for broke on the SB. You can’t lose.


  7. I watched the game. Not so much to watch the Patriots make history, but to watch the Giants cover the 15-point spread to officially give me the year office pool win for 2007.

    Still I wonder if the 1973 Dolphins are choking on the champagne?

    Choking is an understatement. 😉


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