Oscar Peterson was a jazz monster and had hands the size of a gorilla.
I’ve tried somewhat unsuccessfully to play some of his stuff over the years.
Yeah, right. Maybe in another life.
Sleep well, OP.
You will be greatly missed . . .
Check out the video below with fellow jazz legend Joe Pass.
And yes, I found the best sounding video possible.
You’ve come to expect that, haven’t you? :mrgreen:


10 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!
    There are no words to describe pure genius!!! Pianist like Oscar come once every hundred years! Absolutely amazing!
    Thank you for sharing with us this amazing man……musician……composer….
    he will be greatly missed……
    Tu hermano…..

    Greatly missed. Too bad we never saw him. :0(


  2. Oh my gosh, not another one? If tradition follows, we’ve got one more ‘great’ to go. I’d like to see/hear you do some OP – yep, I’d pay for that. 😉


    Nah, believe me, my hands could never do what Petersen’s did, Evans either.



  3. i saw this earlier today and was quite saddened i must admit…another amazing music maker silenced…
    the saddest part is, Annie is right…it come in 3’s…..

    We talked about a “Jazz Dead Pool” at the store today and think Sonny Rollins ain’t lookin’ too good these days . . .


  4. Just to see the love of the music in his face is amazing….and those hands……making beautiful music.
    RIP The jazz band in heaven gets better all the time 🙂

    An incredible band up there. Can’t wait to check it out myself.
    I just pray Karen Carpenter isn’t playing drums . . .


  5. To see and hear this great pianist and fabulous guitarist “play” together is such a treat, their sheer enjoyment of what they do has been such a gift to life. Thanks for this post. G

    So glad someone commented on Pass.
    I saw him play solo many years ago and was absolutely blown away.
    Glad you liked the vid.
    Thanks for the visit.


  6. I heard about this on the radio station I listen to from Phila. Not being a jazz musician authority, I didn’t know who he was. But they did play some of his music. I thought of you too. I suspected I’d see something here from you about ole Oscar.

    Happy New Year!!

    Oscar rocked.


  7. I hadn’t heard of him up until this point, but I’m completely spellbound by that video. You have to wonder about people like him. I mean, in a good way of course. He must think in musical notes. And those piano keys just… Make sense to him.

    It’s incredible to see that at work. He’ll be missed.

    Missed? Absolutely.


  8. Once again you have opened my eyes to another realm of the music world that i didn’t know existed. It saddens me to find this music great after his passing.

    Thank you for the vid and for showing me 2 legends in action.

    Check both of them out.
    Some great hours of music.


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