Pamela’s Dirty Snowballs

I can’t say enough about these little rascals.
You just can’t stop eating them.
And I’m sure you don’t believe me.
So make a batch and let me know.
These bastards are way worse than a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips in terms of compulsive “eatability”.

1/4 pound butter (none of that “can’t believe it’s not butter” shit ~m)
1 package chopped dates
(buy decent chopped dates in plastic containers, like the ones they sell at the deli. Not sure how much is in a package or plastic container, but I usually just use one container or box. Make sure you get the chopped dates, not the whole dates, and if they have sugar on them that’s alright.)
1 egg beaten

3/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 cups Rice Krispies

1 cup chopped walnuts

2 bags coconut
(I usually double this recipe when I make themgood advice, ~m)

Put first five ingredients in a large pot on the stove (spaghetti pot), melt and bring to a low boil.
You should stay close and stir quite often so it won’t burn.
Once it is all melted and it comes to a low boil (it will take awhile, you will see the mixture start to bubble), you can turn off the heat and move the pot to a pot holder or another burner and add the Rice Krispies and nuts and stir until it is combined.
You then lay out wax paper and cover it with shredded coconut.
You want the mixture to still be warm so the coconut sticks to the ball.
(God, I love this recipe ~m)
Roll them into balls about the size of meatballs.
You can actually make them as big or small as you like.
(I usually use rubber gloves when I make them because it seems easier to me because the mixture is so sticky, but you don’t have to be.)
Roll the balls in the coconut and push the coconut onto the ball.
Sometimes this is frustrating because it seems like the coconut is not sticking so well, but you can always sprinkle the leftover coconut on top of the snowballs when you are finished making them.
You can either put them on a plate or in a container and sprinkle the remainder of the coconut on top.
Put them in Christmas tins and sprinkle the leftover coconut on top.
They are not hard to make, just very messy.
Enjoy, folks.
Merry Christmas!


12 thoughts on “Pamela’s Dirty Snowballs

  1. hmmm…sound yummo…may need to have a go at these this weekend..we’ll have zoe and she LOVES making things like this…typical kid, the messier the better! will let you know how i get on…bonus is there’s nothing i’ll have to try and substitute…all normal global ingredients thank heavens…one small question, how big is a bag of coconut over there? we get them in 250g packs which is about 8oz for you give or take a little bit….

    Pamela answered. God Bless her.


  2. The coconut bags are about 8 oz.
    It’s just for coating the snowballs.
    You waste a bit because it falls off.
    I usually roll them on wax paper or parchment paper.
    Put a pile of the coconut on the paper, then roll.
    You can keep fixing your little pile.
    It works pretty well.
    Have fun !


  3. Those sound wickedly delish – I’ll have to try the recipe next year, as all my baking is done for this year. I made sweet pertater scuffle for a Christmas party I went to and it’s unbelievable – definite insulin shock inducing. 😉

    Yule have to send me the scuffle recipe.


  4. Whoa…dates? coconut? This seems a little too complicated for my basic taste buds.

    I will however in the sense of good moral kinship, send the wonderwife over to get this recipe for further research.

    Grimm, these things are evil.
    You cannot stop eating them. No lie . . .


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