33 thoughts on “If women ruled the world

  1. I have to say, the manogram is a brilliant idea. Because if such a thing existed, perhaps medical science wouldn’t be quite so quick to develop any more painful and humiliating medical procedures for women. 😉

    I hear it from my wife every year regarding the complete demoralizing procedure.
    I’m very happy that she goes though.
    But somehow I just don’t like the name “manogram”.
    How about a “phlattmembrogram”?
    Oops, I think I just channeled Woody Allen.


  2. Ok, WC, so you’d rather get cancer and die slowly and painfully than go through a short X-ray? They probably would have manograms if testicular cancer was more common.

    Also, the compact mouse would render the mouse part of it useless, sending us back into the C-64 ages. Improper speedometers would cause unheard-of road accidents, which would make insurance costs skyrocket.

    I’ll have to disagree with this mass email. If women ruled the world, they wouldn’t all be mindless blonde bimbos, and they would probably have the common sense to not fuck it up.

    as my good friend Patrick says, “Chillax!”.
    Take a chill pill my friend.
    And you have the audacity to mention a C-64 on my blog?!?
    Well, jiminy christmas . . . :mrgreen:


  3. ROTFLMAO! Loving the how-fast-am-I-going-meter. And the tools, that’s hot. I hate those shoes with wooden soles, I guess that’s the only thing they’re good for!

    Glad I could make Tweety ROTFLMAO . . .
    Thanks for stopping by.


  4. and i meant to ask…what makes you think women DON’T rule the world?
    other than the manogram that is??

    If they ruled the world, toilet seats worldwide would be welded in the “down” position
    and men would be fitted with “splash plates” . . . :mrgreen:


  5. ha ha! I’m glad I fall somewhere beyond these jokes though. I’m the one that re-aligned all the drawer rail installs after Nick’s try at it resulted in wonky drawers. Then I drilled all the holes, screws, and hardware on our new cabinets. And I can use a power saw too. If I ruled the world, things would be much better. 😉

    A woman using power tools?
    You’re turning me on, Lass . . . :mrgreen:


  6. God help this country if Hillary gets the helm along with San Fran Nan as speaker of the House

    Reminds me of a joke . . .
    (check this comment later!)


  7. If women ruled the world…does that mean cosmetics school would be up there rather than law and accounting ? 😉

    That sounds about right . . .
    Thanks for the visit, Jersey


  8. I thought this was pretty funny. Whoever came up with it was just having fun. Fun is good-light is good-reading into it so much -That’s bad.

    Oh, you are one smart woman.
    No wonder I married you.


  9. ‘mum said:

    and i meant to ask…what makes you think women DON’T rule the world?
    other than the manogram that is??

    Well, last time I checked, it’s not the man who assumes the doggy position. 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Nasty. :mrgreen:


  10. My favorite bumper sticker of all time?

    “When god made men, she was only joking”

    Not really a comment on all that really funny stuff up there, but it did make me think of it!

    Sorry it’s been so long buddy, as usual I’ve missed some great stuff. Like I said to Sarah F though, thank goodness for archives 🙂

    Cheers, Kelly

    Awww, Kel, it’s really nice to see a comment from you. Miss ya.
    I’m a patient man and anytime you can stop by I’ll be greatful.
    Have a blessed holiday, okay?
    Peace, kiddo


  11. eeeerm the ‘penogram’ looks kinda painful and i speak for all the dudes in this world when i say…..”NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! shall women rule the world(read that in a terrorist accent hahahaha)”

    Liking the terrorist accent (I think) :mrgreen:


  12. Yep, that last one definitely had me cringing. Those pics are pretty dead on wouldn’t you say? You know that mouse would be a HUGE seller around here.

    I may just have to market that idea.

    Yeah, that damn “manogram” looks like a torture device.


  13. Hahaha, that’s so funny, this it’s the reality. Sorry women 😀

    Thanks for the link, David.
    This was a cheat post that took on a life all its own.
    Thanks too for laughing. It is funny . . .


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