I got Scrooged

My dear friend Gerry scrooged me.
Yeah, I deserved it as I do every single year.
Click HERE (or on the pic above) to see me dance.
And yeah, as far as dancing goes, I got game y’all . . .


ps. My DSL has been down since last Friday.
I will catch up on comments very soon. Promise.

11 thoughts on “I got Scrooged

  1. I have, in the past, elfed myself. I’ve never been Scrooged, though.

    The Shooting Games are the best: OfficeMax is my Christmas game HQ!

    Going to check those games out.
    Thanks, Rain.


  2. well, well, well, the man who has more talents than michael jackson has different nose shapes hey?
    combination of the chicken dance, a bunny hop, some of the most “interesting” trousers i’ve seen in some time and you even had the pelvic thrust happening!!!
    thank the heavens you didn’t grab your groin micheal…i would never have viewed you quite the same if that had happened…mind you a moon walk would have been fine
    nothing better than a giggle to start the day with…thanks

    If I could have grabbed my groin, believe me, I would have. 😉


  3. I haven’t been by in awhile because I’ve decided not to be a writer I guess…it’s like I remember why I blog, I’ve been visiting blogs for an hour and I’ve laughed, almost cried, etc….
    this was absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen all morning.
    Ha, I might do that.
    I think my family would get a kick out of it.

    hope you’re well

    You? Not a writer? We’ll have to talk about that one.
    Glad you liked my dancing. I’m a humdinger when it comes to dancing, don’t you think? 😉


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