Creamsicle Moon

A creamsicle moon frosts the twilight treetops somewhere in the distance . . .
a dark and serene sky, the canvas
I need a sliver of this star-filled tranquility for thousands of reasons
and my soul sleeps

It’s at the corners of Solace and Hope
that I realize the Boulevard of Dreams is gridlocked, my mind cries out for home
searching desperately for an avenue out . . .
and my snow-covered soul sleeps on

A dying creamsicle moon gives birth to the ever-reddening dawn
and somewhere a candle flickers, a baby cries and
an already fragile world offers up a ray of hope that shines on my soul,
still fast asleep
but searching for that elusive sliver of tranquility
and a reason to finally believe . . .


9 thoughts on “Creamsicle Moon

  1. I get this as clear as that night sky itself. I was in a mood like this a few days back and wanted to write it down. The words wouldn’t flow. Guess it was a moment for experiencing only. It’s beautiful Michael and now I don’t have to write it down anymore. I’ll just drop by here.

    Coming from you, Spaz, that’s one very serious compliment.
    Glad you liked it.
    Funny, I never know when these little “inside moments” will hit me.


  2. ….Wow, absolutely beautiful, Michael!
    If you locate the sliver of tranquility, please let me know!
    Happy December!!!!

    I will certainly let you know.
    God knows, you guys deserve one these days . . .


  3. Sad, but hopeful. Beautiful imagery. I especially love the phrase ‘star-filled tranquility’ it captures a very specific reach that is hard to describe.

    ’star-filled tranquility’ seems to be the phrase that people like.
    Me, too.
    Tanks, Annie.


  4. I am completely speechless.
    In the best way possible, but nonetheless, speechless.

    “I need a sliver of this star-filled tranquility for thousands of reasons
    and my soul sleeps”

    This whole piece blew me away. And that line has to be one of the most beautiful that I’ve read in a while.

    It’s comments like this that blow me away.
    I’m so glad people seemed to like this.
    If I ever figure out how to write like this all the time, I’m golden.


  5. I was there, I tasted it, I felt it. My soul is now resting, sleeping soundly under the wet, heavy snow, piling up over me.

    Much love, peace and tranquililty to you today and every day….and always creamsicles.

    ~ RS ~

    Gotta love the ‘sicles’ . . .


  6. Man, someone as witty as you is not supposed to be that damn smooth. Gotta say, you never cease to surprise me.

    Fantastic piece – very well done.

    Thanks, Grimm.
    Look through my archives some night when there’s nothing on the tube.
    I can be quite smooth.
    Sometimes I surprise myself.


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