Boston meme (4Lass)


Lass hit me with a tag several weeks ago to do a meme.
And though I’m not big on meme’s I figure I owe her one.
Lord knows, I’ve managed to snake my way out of a few of them but this one was actually interesting in many ways.
And the fact that Lass is a good friend and has been on my blogroll since I started this whole blogging thing.

Without further ado here are a few of the “bests” in my area.
I’ve decided to give you a tour of Boston (my second home).

Best Place to Eat:

This one is almost impossible to answer in a city like Boston.
There are just too damn many great restaurants.
If I had to pick a few I’d have to say L’Osteria on Salem Street in the North End. This is your quintessential Italian bistro. When the warm crusty bread and salad make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven, you know the meal will knock your socks off.

After having the Veal Piccata, I’m still searching for my socks.
Another incredible restaurant is the East Coast Grille in Cambridge @ Inman Square.

It’s mostly a fish type of place but beef dishes are over the top (ask my wife).

This funky little place is unique. Period.
I had Grilled White Pepper Crusted Tuna with House Pickled Ginger, Aged Soy Sauce, Pacific Farms Fresh Wasabi, Grilled Vegetables & a Spicy Bok Choy Salad.
This meal had me moaning (once again, ask my wife).

I can’t wait to go here again. My birthday is in January so . . .

There’s the Rattlesnake on Boylston Street with the best damn catfish Po’ Boy I’ve ever had in my life.

I’ll wrap this up with Al’s State Street Cafe with their State Street Special: prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and thinly sliced plum tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar served on a crusty French baguette.

Hungry yet?

Best Shopping Mall:

Not really a mall but a wonderful place to hemorrhage multiple Franklin’s; Faneuil Hall
Click on the link and take a “virtual tour”.
If you’re a woman, send hubby to the Union Oyster House.

You’re going to be a while . . .

Famous Landmark:
Should be plural for Boston.
Driving into the city via the Mass Pike the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square greets you (and every other Red Sox fan).

After that the Pru (Prudential Center) and the John Hancock buildings can’t help but catch your eye. They’re huge and stunning. I take them for granted. Shame on me.

There’s Paul Revere’s House, the Old North Church and last but not least Fenway Park.

Best Tourism Attraction:

The Freedom Trail

Symphony Hall


Fenway Park (again)

This list could go on ad nauseum.

Best Place for Kids:

Museum of Science
is a pretty safe bet.
It’s huge, loud and a ton of fun.
(once you find the effin’ place)
The frozen “Duck Pond” on the ‘Common” is great in the winter months for skating, the summer months for swimming.

Popular Outdoor Activity:
Walking, running, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, ice skating, roller blading.
It all happens here.

Breath-taking views:
Top of the Pru doesn’t suck on any given night and a four hour ride north of the city will put you in North Conway, New Hampshire in the heart of the White Mountains.
On a clear, fall day the view is spectacular.
Ever seen leaves explode in technicolor?

Only Found In:

Yawkey Way (Fenway Park)
You haven’t lived until you’ve walked this stretch of pavement on a Red Sox gameday.
The smell of simmering sausages and onions is a sacred thing.

The Zakim Bunker-Hill Bridge is a magnificent structure that connects Boston to Chelsea and beyond; awesome during the day, a religious experience at night.

Berklee College of Music; my alma mater. Scary. Cool school.

Newbury StreetBoston’s very own “Rodeo Drive”.

Though this list could turn itself into a book, I’ll stop here.

Should ever you find yourself in Boston, drop me a line.

I’ll meet you at Foley’s for a Guinness or three.


9 thoughts on “Boston meme (4Lass)

  1. Cool, now I know where to go when I come to Bahston. Sounds like a great place to visit. I should go there too because it was where my brother lived – I always think of him whenever I think of Boston.

    You got my number. Call me.
    We’ll do lunch. 😉


  2. And here I always thought I wanted to go to Italy. Boston is sounding pretty great right now, especially all those fabulous restaurants.


    The restaurants are incredible.
    Bring your appetite (and your pizza chops)


  3. I’ve seen Boston twice. Once driving around the downtown area for two hours looking for the Marriott hotel. Finally convinced mom to ask two cops in a patrol car. After they stopped laughing at a crying lady from Texas with four kids in a minivan (this was over 18 years ago…minivans were new) they finally gave us directions. The second time was spent for four hours in Logan airport, in early January, waiting out a clearing during the start of the blizzard of 1994. Now that I have this list, I’ll be able to make my next visit more interesting!

    As I said to Annie, let me know when you’re coming to town.
    I’ll be a gracious host.


  4. even I’ve been all the way to Boston too. I shopped on Newbury street. wish I’d known about the east coast grille

    You would love the Grille. Amazing, amazing amazing . . .
    I give it five snaps up in a circle.


  5. Boston is one place I hope to visit in the future, especially Fenway. I gotta ask since I am a fellow Capricorn, when is your birthday?

    January 10th, Grimm.
    Fellow Capricorn, eh? Maybe that’s why we get along so damn well. 😉


  6. It sounds like a fun place to visit. If I ever make my way to Boston, I’ll have to check out at least a few of the places on your list. 🙂


    Please do. The city of Boston is a great place to visit.


  7. Boston is the city of Champions
    bruins are coming along

    It’s all a bit surreal, ain’t it?
    Read the Brady joke on your blog, btw.
    Very funny. I may get some serious mileage out of that one. :mrgreen:


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