Which one would you stuff?

The next few days will find me laboring in the kitchen.
Not a great time for blogging.
I’ve had a few great ideas over the past few days but they won’t see the blog until sometime next week.
Please be patient.
I may be around, I may not.
But don’t get too excited.

A Happy Thanksgiving!

to all of my readers!
Be safe, be well and damn you if you’re frying your turkey.
Sommmm’ bitch, I’m jealous!
Talk to y’all in a few days . . .
Peace, Out

ps. as far as which one I’d stuff?
Guess it all depends on how many people I’m trying to feed.
Later, folks

16 thoughts on “Which one would you stuff?

  1. Iffen you wanna fry a turkey, go on out and buy one of those things – you deserve it, you only go around once in this life and this could be your last thanksgiving. Go, be happy, do what you want and get what you want.

    You deserve it. You have been a good boy.

    Peace, love and yes, you do too deserve what you want.


  2. You gotta love the cammo job. Lord knows I would have trouble seeing HIM in the woods.

    Word is this is the winner of Survivor: Kentucky. The other two finalists were eaten in the elimination round.


  3. very phucking phunny, m squared. that’s my dad. {jes kiddin’…heh, heh!}

    cooking myself {a smallish turkey, and a bourbon~brown sugar glazed ham, {you need this recipe, dude!} then off to save the world from 7p-11p, then 7a-3p the next day…

    hoping to find someone to accompany me to the gig!

    check my ‘blog when you get a chance; i will be posting photos from my son’s wedding any day now. i only took 160 photos that night!

    love and peace to you & your womenfolk…


  4. If Big Bubba drinks like he eats…I don’t want him at my house.

    Have a great Thanksgiving Michael…….let’s be thankful for all we do have…and I’m thankful for bloggers like you who add to my world. Thank you.


  5. Well I’d stuff the bird, because I have a reasonable expectation of it tasting good. The other thing looks far too questionable. 😆

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you win the fight with the squashes.


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