Manning vs Brady (aka "Good vs Evil")

So much has been made about the Pats/Indy game this afternoon that I had to put up something here.
My daughter Sarah gave me a heads up on an article written by Gregg “sour grapes” Easterbrook of ESPN, a scathing article regarding his views on the New England Patriots and how he considers them essentially skum of the earth. (he fails to mention anything positive regarding the Pats, the gasbag)
I’d copy and paste some of what this queen wrote but it really pissed me off.
The hyperlink is above if you want to read it.
Let’s hope Gregg pulls his head out of his ass in time to watch the game. Putz.
Searching around the net, I did find an article that at least had a bit more truth in it.
It’s from the Providence Journal: Good vs Evil?
Much better article in many ways with much less biased bullshit.
Bottom line is this: two great teams + two great coaches + two great quarterbacks = a great afternoon of football.
It’s human nature to create nasty personal controversy but IMHO, it ultimately clouds the bottom line.

Peyton Manning Current Stats

TDS: 13
INT: 3
YRDS: 1,833
QB RTNG: 102.9

Tom Brady Current Stats

TDS: 30
INT: 2
YRDS: 2,431
QB RTNG: 136.2

No controversy over who’s having the better year.
While the country is surprisingly divided over who will win today one fact remains; these guys will see each other come January.
Let’s leave the “good vs evil” equation to the court system and watch some great football.
And Me? My money is on “Lord Vader” Belichick’s horde of hoodlums.
I suppose it’s time to watch a new lame Peyton Manning commercial but it’s a better time to kick back and rock and roll.
Hmmm, I wonder if Manning is up for the Noble Peace Prize this year?


ps. for a rrrrrrrreal good laugh, Google “I hate Gregg Easterbrook

5 thoughts on “Manning vs Brady (aka "Good vs Evil")

  1. I have hated Manning ever since the year he went belly up in the playoffs and blamed his offensive line. The scumbag never admits to his fuckups and just blames everyone else like a true asshat. Go Pats!!!

    Manning essentially did the same thing last night. Pathetic.


  2. BTW, I am hoping for a rematch with the Pokes. That first outing sucked for us.

    The Cowboys will always rock, they might not beat us but they will rock (as will the cheerleaders) 😉


  3. hmmm….most of this is arabic to me {the stats i mean}..mark tries to explain it all on a regular basis but i tend to tune out on him i must admit…i don’t really understand the baseball stats either…maybe i’m just sick of numbers by the time i work with the little suckers all day everyday???
    the rest of it made sense though

    Arabic? Just guy talk is all.


  4. I wish when the Colts lost today they showed a view of the bench and Manning and Dungy crying on each others shoulds….That would have made my day…

    EVIL WINS AGAIN!!!….Heh…

    Manning and Dungy crying? Oh, yeah . . . lovin’ it. 😉
    Here, take a freeein’ towel guys . . .


  5. well, i think Tom Brady is way cuter than Peyton Manning but I still was rooting for Indy. Oh well. It was a great game though!

    and no, i’m not a football moron, i do know the game. I just appreciate a hot QB that’s all 😀

    Appreciating a hot QB is definitely fine in my book. (even better when he plays well)
    If I was female, I’d be all about Tom Brady, babe.


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