10 thoughts on “Little bastards

  1. Great morning post. 🙂 My mom had a cat that used to wake me up by gently raking his claws against the tip of my nose. Either that, or he would start licking my face.

    I had a female years ago that actually “sat on my face” on some mornings.
    Obviously, the cat came in contact with a few walls . . .


  2. I loved this! My sister’s cat used to do that kneading thing on me. And she purred so loud, right in my ear.

    I tagged you. 🙂

    My female cat “Opus” sat on my pillow a few nights ago and started purring.
    The purr went right through my pillow to my ears. Kinda nice actually.
    I’ll work on the tag ASAP.
    Tanks, Lass . . .


  3. i used to have one that would suckle on your damned ear lobes to wake you up!! i think i would have preferred the bat

    Suckle the ear lobes, eh?
    Hmmm . . . . wonder how many things that cat would suckle? 😉
    Gaaad, I’m sick.


  4. Michael.
    That’s one good reason I don’t have cats…and I won’t sleep in anyone’s house that has a cat…unless they need a SKYLIGHT in their room.
    Cats freak me out…I’m terrified of them. Very funny video…now I’m going to have nightmare’s!

    Scary cats are all Urban Legend far as I’m concerned.
    But I do have a few friends that are as terrified as you.
    No worries. Always carry a can of tuna and you should be all set.


  5. Thanks for the props! I’ve started shutting the door to the bedroom when Lester starts this kind of behavior. I feel bad. And I can hear him outside the door scratching. And somehow he makes it up to the door knob. Soon, he’ll figure that out and we’ll be back to square one.

    Lester? Loving the name. Gotta be one cool freekin’ cat.


  6. Best. Video. Ever.

    We have 4 inside cats and about 15 outside. That video was true on so many levels.

    The “true” factor made me post this vid.
    I have several cats outside as well.
    Lord knows, I’d never let them in though.
    I’d go broke feeding the little bastards.


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