Just Evyl and me

Evyl and I have decided to offer our services to all the gentlemen types currently surfing the web looking for something interesting to read, watch or do.
We’ve started something of a manblog to be sure but it has so much more to offer than that.
At Evyl and Smoke there will be no syrupy sweet posts, no sentimentality and a no holds barred policy; a very different place than here at Smoke and Mirrors.
Oh, and absolutely ‘no bullshit’.
This is a place where I can let my hair down
(funny, so to speak, even though we’re two guys with cueball noggins)
Women, cigars, sports, beer, booze, good eats, guy gripes and chili recipes will rule the roost.
Both of us aren’t quite sure where this thing will go but it’s been a blast so far and we’ve decided to finally go public with it.
We’ll leave it up to you as far as linking to us.
We are, first and foremost, gentlemen. 😉
BTW- We decided on an anonymous system in terms of posting and commenting thinking it might offer a bit of devious fun because you’ll never really know who is who.
I’m honored beyond belief to team up with the likes of Evyl.
He pulls no punches yet you always know where you stand.
For now, I’ll just welcome you to our new abode: Evyl and Smoke
Stop by and at least say hi.
And yes, it’s most definitely a guy thing.
And that’s alright by me . . .


12 thoughts on “Just Evyl and me

  1. Congrats Gentlemen, I think that is an awesome idea that I am sure will take off like chili rockets…….sorry, no idea where that came from…. 😉

    See? The site is already working its magic . . .
    Tanks, Spaz


  2. Just when you think you know a guy…he goes and gets all guy on you. 😀 LOL! Awesome! Glad you’re having fun!

    It really is a blast and I can’t think of anyone better to blog with than Evyl.
    He’s the nads


  3. i’m going there and getting very drunk! i hope someone takes advantage of me!! 😉

    No worries, Reg.
    You’ll be looking for your panties in the morning. 😉


  4. I think you two have a hell of a start! I see great things coming out of that joint. . . and lots of boobies.

    If we had our way, it would be ALL boobies 😉


  5. It’s a great blog, but I’m not a fan of the title. It sounds kind of queer.

    I agree, DT. The name is lame.
    I have an idea that I need to talk to Evyl about.
    We’ll see what happens.
    Thanks for your candor . . .
    (and yeah, awesome blog)


  6. i like the title “evyl & smoke…” but i am a little ascairt that you’ve gone to the dark side. {giggle}

    glad to know that even yucky girls can visit your blog.

    please, however, do not ignore your original blog….and merely post “youtube” vid clips and think you will keep all these women satisfied. LOL.

    write on, dude!

    love & peace,

    I’d never ignore my main place of residence!
    And yes, I will write on . . .


  7. I think this is just a fantastic idea! Men need a niche in blogs to vent and share, and post. Best of luck in this collaboration!

    Vent and share?
    Oh, yeah, we do plenty of that already. 😉


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