Yvonne took very good care of me today.
I can’t begin to tell you just how good the massage was but should you ever find yourself in the New England area? Call me.
I thoroughly enjoyed an hour+ of some serious massage (and stretching)
Quiet, nice tunes, peace and endless muscular sanctuary . . .
We had lunch at a quiet little Thai place in Webstah afterwards and agreed that even dogshit would taste really good with a great peanut sauce drizzled on it.
Thank you, Yvonne for making my first day of vacation so incredibly and phucking enjoyable.
My wife thanks you for omitting the “happy ending“. :0{ )>
I will sleep well tonight.
Peace and Out, folks . . .


12 thoughts on “~m(assage)

  1. Hey, congrats on being on vacation.

    Also, wtf is up with that smiley? Seriously, it looks like a puking seal or something…

    Puking seal? It’s a goatee, dude.
    What the hell are you smoking?
    Must be some rad shit . . . 😉


  2. i’m seriously jealous here!! a massage AND thai??? spoiled is what you are…

    it’s irrelevant that you earned it!!

    I know, huh? Massage and Thai food.
    Can’t beat that combo
    Wish every Monday was like that.


  3. m squared:

    you’re the best! {or, as my bored little rich friends would so eloquently put it:{dude, you are THE SHIT!}.

    it was a perfectly wonderful wink in time.

    rest assured, Pam, the only “happy ending” your hubby will get from this massage therapist is a sundae at the local “friendly’s.” {LOL}

    i was honored to be part of the commencement of your much-needed time-off. as always, i am inspired by your work, and i look forward to nurturing this friendship…

    love & peace….

    Coolbeans, kiddo . . .


  4. p.s. very touched that you put this under the category “angels.”

    BTW, your CD was wonderful. amazing stuff. your voice has certain elements of michael mcdonald. i was very moved by the music and lyrics. it will become an annual ritual, along with vince guaraldi and patrick stewart’s audio version of “a christmas carol,” at my house.

    you totally rock!

    Tanks, Y
    Enjoy . . .


  5. Aren’t those devine .. Lucky you!!
    I always have a full body done for my birthday .. by a perfession, not the hubby! 15 days and counting!

    Sounds good.
    How about a “Massage a Blogger” day?
    I like the sound of that. Hey, our shoulders hurt from all this hunching


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