7 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Hope your time (team?) wins the series, buddy. I’m so out of it, I don’t even know who they are playing. Have fun.

    Oh, Annie, dear . . . 😉
    It’s all over now. It was Boston vs Colorado.
    Turns out it was never really a series at all. ;(


  2. well you may have converted him to the sox, but that ain’t gonna happen with the patriots i’m afraid…
    more than a possible sweep i’m thinking, but hell i’m peeved that we’re going to miss it…damned work gets in the way of everything doesn’t it!!

    Not a Pats fan, eh?
    Give me the boy for next weekend (Indy) and I’ll easily convert him.
    Forced glasses of Guinness do wonders for the psyche 😆


  3. Pats did it again but next week is the true test. It’s in the sixth as I write and things look good for the Sox.

    Things went real well for the Sox.
    And Indy? We’ll see.
    Maybe Manning will be too tired from doing so many gay and lameass commercials. :0)


  4. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday afternoon/evening!

    And I thought it rather ironic that you used an image of a Rubik’s Cube for a post entitled, “Lazy”. 🙂

    Already Monday night here. Yoiks!
    Where the hell does the time go?
    The “cube” was intentional . . .


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