6 thoughts on “Dirty Water

  1. rocked their socks clean off!! 4-0 series win….can’t ask for much more than that…mind you i have a few more grey hairs thanks to yesterday’s and today’s games…sheesh!

    I never had a doubt.
    The Rockies had a little bit o’ life last night but not nearly enough.
    Thank God . . .
    Now, go and take care of those grey hairs and send A-pop up for a visit. 😉


  2. Well at least it was not the Cubs…or I would have heard about it all winter.
    I’m glad the Rockies at least showed up for the last one, I was worried that the Sox would get board and fall asleep on the field.

    Now as long as O-Rod stays away from the “Nation” all will be well.


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