2 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. have just watched the game live on espn…3-0…WOOHOO!!! did get a tad toey after a 6-.0 nil lead went to 6-5 though!
    didn’t move except to pee…
    if they don’t win from here…well, let’s not go there…we’re going to miss the next game, work day for us, but i’ll have the net on at work and keep track of what’s happening…

    When Dice-K singles and racks up a few rbi’s you know the jig is up.
    You can almost smell the endgame . . . smells like sausage and onions on Yawkey Way 😉


  2. I actually watched about an inning and a half of the game last night, while at a Halloween party. Saw the first 6 runs scored! It was a party with lots of couples there. Three of us ladies were the only ones watching the game! One lady was from Seattle and was a Mariner fan, so she was hoping Colorado would give them some trouble. She knew a LOT about baseball.

    My kinda ladies . . . 😆


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