Sherlock’s Doppelganger

I was sent an email from my good writing friend Deb Woehr.
The email had some truly amazing pictures.
I sent it to many people.
If you didn’t get a copy, leave a comment and I’ll send it on to you.
What amazed me ( and my wife) was the picture above.
I swear to God, it looks exactly like my male cat, Sherlock!
Maybe it’s his identical twin; a feline doppelganger of sorts.
Too cool.
I’m off next week and plan on reading, writing, drinking some beer, smoking some good cigars, watching some movies, raking some leaves and cooking alot.
(a pot of Guinness Chili is already on my mind)
Sarah has been bugging me for Chicken Parm. (on its way, for sure)
I’m off starting Sunday but on Monday I truly start my “vacation” with a massage from my good friend and fellow blogger Yvonne.
Good God, I can’t wait. {and she knows that :0)}
Not sure what’s up for the blog but chances are I’ll be around in some capacity.
Have a great weekend, folks.
Go Sox! Go Pats! Go Celts! Go Bruins!
It’s great to be from New England these days . . .


8 thoughts on “Sherlock’s Doppelganger

  1. I’m in for dinner-What night works best?
    Breakfast-Need a date for that !

    We’ll talk it over at Carl’s, okay? (if I can see you over the stack of pancakes)
    We need to figure out a day.
    I’ll give you a holler tomorrow to nail down a date . . .


  2. That pic is awesome…will check her out! Have a super-duper vaca. Time off is always good, make sure you enjoy every single minute!!

    I’m sitting down to watch Game 3 (Red Sox) as I type this.
    Thanks, Carn . . .


  3. amazing – sherlock’s twin is an exact replica of my ex-cat, “big fat kitty” who was lovingly handed over to channing when our love came to a screeching halt.

    sometimes i miss his amazing girth {big fat kitty’s – not channing’s, LOL}.

    see you on monday, m squared.


    Girth. What a great word!
    See you on Monday. Get the hands ready, I’m a mess . . . 😉


  4. I’m always up for some good chili.

    I’ll send some down if you’d like Fuzz.
    Chili never goes bad.(not with the hot shit I put in it, anyway) Let me know . . .
    More than happy to send a package your way.


  5. I love truly amazing pictures!
    Enjoy your time off. Post some recipes.
    And a massage? I’ll have to visit Yvonne….

    I’m visiting Yvonne on Monday . . . 😉
    I’ll post a report


  6. Have a great vacay, Mikey. Cute kitty. Send me the guinness chili recipe, this I’ve got to see.

    As soon as I make up the recipe, I will gladly send it on.
    It’s residing “upstairs” right now.


  7. bit a flower power kitty you got happening there i see
    i thought i was very restrained with that comment! for me anyway….
    you think the chili would make into oz???? i love a good chili!

    Not sure if it would travel that well for that distance.
    If I could shrink-wrap it, maybe . . .


  8. Doppelganger. What a wonderful word. Kudos for using it! 😛

    Enjoy your vacation!

    I love the word as well. Never enough opportunities to use it, though . . .


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