Saw an ad pasted on the wall of the train the other day for pistachios.
I laughed when I read it.
It said, (are you ready for this?)

Don’t shoot until you see the greens of their nuts.”

What the hell were the guys in advertising smoking that day?


12 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. LOL! That’s pretty clever. In a risque (imagine a little accent over the e) kind of way. I love pistachios.

    I automatically added the accent aigu.
    And I love the little green bastards as well.
    I don’t want to tell you just how many I can eat in one sitting.
    Try this sometime:

    *Boneless Chicken Breast
    *Crushed Pistachios

    Baste the chicken in Pesto, roll in pistachios and bake. {1lb of chicken for 45 mins @375}
    Absolutely sick. I mean really sick.


  2. Is that supposed to be funny?

    Wait, wait, normal people’s nuts aren’t green?
    Oh shit.

    I know some guys with green nuts.
    They’re called teenagers. 😉
    Couldn’t resist, DT.


  3. That’s hilarious! I’ve always wanted to work in advertising. I think it would be so much fun. Of course nothing beats the ad a few years ago….”nothing beats a Hummer.” ROFL!!!

    Nothing does beat a Hummer.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉


  4. whatevah they were smoking, i’m sure it was green.

    now if they had said WARM nuts, well….that’s a whole nutha story.

    – naughtY vonne

    Warm nuts?
    Gotta tell ya, I really like my nuts warm.
    That does sound bad, huh? 😉


  5. Heh…

    That is a darn good question.

    And I have to wonder if the editors were with the blokes that came up with that.

    No idea. I just thought it was damn strange advertising.


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