No yolk, Ms. Neidelson

Maureen at the Nook came up with the idea of doing a rolling post. Each person who has volunteered to participate gets to add 3-4 sentences as their contribution. The participants are:





Poseidons Muse

Writer Chick






Moe tagged the Muse and the Muse tagged WriterChick (Annie).

From Moe:

The curtains were drawn against the chill of an early winters evening. The only sound to be heard was a sigh as she poured over one of her interminable lists, this being for the coming weekends dinner party.

She was concerned how she would keep them apart after the recent unpleasantness.
It was unthinkable she not invite them both, but in doing the right thing by them, had created a problem for herself…..

From Poseidons Muse:

Drawing a soothing draught of red wine from her glass, she looked up from her list and stared across the room. A distant memory, like the transient flash of ‘his’ handsome smile, spurned her inner turmoil. She had developed feelings for Steven during her initial tenure at the University. Their first encounter seemed almost cliche. A fateful walk across an autumn campus, a stack of books falling upon golden autumn leaves, polite words spoken, lucid eyes meeting hungrily. Butterflies.

What had begun as an innocent friendship between colleagues (for Amy would later be introduced to Steven as a contemporary) later spurned into a brief, but torrid, romantic affair. When the couple resuscitated themselves from their grey moral vortex, they realised that they would make better friends than bed-fellows and had decided to remain in each other’s lives. Now, Amy had the task of playing chancellor and counsellor to her friend, as he struggled for a sense of equilibrium in his failing marriage. Once again, she sensed the butterflies.

From WriterChick:

Amy sealed both invitations, one for Steven and one for Margo, his estranged wife, and adhered a lovely tiffany art stamp to each. “I hope to God, they aren’t still arguing over custody of the dog or the chimp – helluva a dinner topic that will make.” She put the invitations aside for the post office run she would do in the morning and pondered the menu for the party. “Now what dish would both please Steven and compliment his lovely golden curls by candlelight – of course, curry!”

From Me:

Amy sat on the couch contemplating the difficult intricacies of the seating arrangement when the phone rang.


“Ms. Neidelson, thank God you’re home. This is Dr. Shotzendach. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time.”

“No, doctor. I’m just sitting . . . Is everything okay?”

“Well, I do believe we’ve found the source of your equilibrium problem and I’m glad you’re sitting down. You’re two months pregnant. And here’s the best part: You’re having twins! Congratulations! Ms. Neidelson?”

“Uh . . . I don’t understand doctor . . . I mean, I understand but . . . how do you . . .”

“Your lab results and the CAT scan images told us all we needed to know. Ms. Neidelson? Ms. Neidelson, are you still there?!”

Amy began to laugh hysterically. A bit too hysterically . . .

Okay, so I’m tagging Evyl to pick up this little ditty where I am leaving off. An email will be off to him shortly to inform him of his duty. Let the xtra cheesiness continue!
(Annie, you introduced this so brilliantly I had to copy and paste!) 😉

BTW, if any of you would like to participate, just contact Moe at the Nook and she’ll add you.


7 thoughts on “No yolk, Ms. Neidelson

  1. 😆
    i’m lovin’ this cheesiness!
    thank you so much for your participation michael…everybody has such a different way of writing that the end result should be quite the tale…i too cannot wait to see what evyl comes up with…i was so tempted to tag him first, then decided it would be better for him to come in a bit further into the story…i’m glad now i didn’t tag him…
    pregnant with twins? LMFAO…can’t wait to see where this goes…
    i’m copying and pasting as we go along and have created a new page at the nook with everybodys name…once it’s done i’ll link the names on the page like i did in the original post….
    thanks again

    It is good, ain’t it?
    I had a ball doing it. Thanks for the invite.


  2. Oh, not fair, so much more than 3-4 sentences you sly dog. Mrs Neidelson? LOL. Great, great, great! Come on, evyl, show us what you got.

    Oh, he did. He soooo did.
    We’re looking at Red next . . .


  3. I just read Evyl’s addition. Too funny. He’s something isn’t he? This has been a great read. Looking forward to the rest.

    It is good. I have to do some catching up tonight.
    I’m sadly slacking {again}


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