Cahoon’s Haiku

Bighearted wiseass

Complaining ’bout the hollow

Still can’t find the key


Happy Birthday, you pooftah-loving bastard. {10.18.07}
And a thousand more.
Somebody has to take care of the garden and water the plants, right?
Not too much water now. I know you have a tendency to over water, or so I’ve heard
{and yeah, McDonald sucked. But the air guitar was pretty good. Damn, we’re getting old aren’t we, man? 😉
Beers by the pool soon, okay? How’s about this Saturday night?}


2 thoughts on “Cahoon’s Haiku

  1. Geez, do I have to aswer all the questions?
    How about-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Plants are fine-I piss on hers (she has a GARDEN) and water mine with her water-go figure!
    Beers-I get bloated at my age with Beer. Bring some GM and we are good to go.
    Thanks for everything-your the BEST!
    laho (pooftha)

    For next year, just start with “Crotchitie old bastard!”

    You piss on hers? Cool. Something I may be able to post on YouTube someday 😉
    GM? How’s about some Grappa!!!!!!?


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