Yes, I’ve changed everything and you’re confused.
I’m sorry.
Look around, okay? Get familiar with your surroundings.
I’ll treat you nice. Promise.
Do you like the new look?
I do.
For now, anyway
I’m a total sucker for dark templates.
More posts on the way tonight . . .


6 thoughts on “Change

  1. i thought i’d clicked evyl’s link again…no wonder you 2 get on so damned well, you both like the dark side
    i like it though…once i got over the shock that is

    Something for a change. I still like the Neo-Sapien theme but I thought ‘what the hell’ . . .
    As far as Evyl goes, I told him great minds think alike. 😉


  2. Nice nice. I was wondering what this new “Black Letterhead” template looked like. I think it’s an improvement over the one you did have and much easier to see. And yes, the header is beautiful! You have a great sense of asthetics in many ways. I’ve seen it in your writing and in your choice of words and photos. Yay!

    Thanks! Peace. ~ RS ~

    I’m thinking you like this, huh?
    Less busy?
    Maybe you’re right.
    You know I’ll be waiting for the next dark theme . . . 😉


  3. indeed, great minds do think alike, but i’m pretty sure there’s another part to that theory isn’t there????
    LMFAO……please take into account i was good and didn’t actually say it before you send the heavies after me ok????

    There is another part but me and Evyl are keeping it Top Secret :0)


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