Nice gallery, dude

Spent most of the day sleeping. Sick. Yuk.
Haven’t replied to one comment due to a total lack of energy.
Click on the picture above and check out the artwork of Fabian Perez. Nice stuff.
The next few days will keep me far away from the blog so take care of the place until I’m back sometime over the weekend.
Hopefully, I’ll be feeling a bit less shitty than I do right now.
Over and out, folks . . .


10 thoughts on “Nice gallery, dude

  1. Thanks for the nice link for the artwork. Very much appreciated. Take good care of you and I hope you get to feeling well soon. Have a nice time away..

    Peace and rest.

    ~ RS ~

    Glad you liked the art, Roobs
    Feeling better. Thanks


  2. Thanks for the link, this guy does some incredible work. He captures the female really well. Proportions, muscles, light, everything. I’m quite impressed.

    Feel better soon! 🙂

    His take on the female form blew me away.
    One of the main reasons I posted a link.
    Feeling better. Thanks, D


  3. Get better… please know I know that lethargy well as I slurp soup and stay pretty couch-bound. 🙂

    Breath-taking pic you found… he certainly loves the feminine form, no?

    Loves it in a major way.
    Thanks, MS
    I’ll be by for a visit this week.


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