October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wanted to post to tell all you ladies that visit Smoke and Mirrors to PLEASE GET CHECKED!!!!
It’s important for so many reasons.
Early detection saves lives, period.
Please just do it.
I’ve lost several close friends to this insidious disease and I don’t want to lose anymore.
Check your body and check it often.
I pray for all of you, everyday.
A few risk factors you should know about:

  • what you eat
  • how much you weigh, and maintaining a healthy weight
  • how much you exercise
  • whether you smoke
  • whether you drink alcohol and if so, how much and how frequently
  • the types of chemicals in your environment
  • whether you took hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal symptoms for five years or longer

As my dear friend Carnealian says, “Feel your Boobies!!!” . . . .
Click HERE to give some underprivileged woman a free mammogram


7 thoughts on “Pink

  1. i can assure you, no one needs to tell me about ANY type of cancer…i play with my boobs on a regular basis!
    i figure I may as well have fun while i’m doing it!

    Feel away!


  2. Hee, hee! The Boobies Bash coming up on October 13 too! And, it’s at The Appalachian Brewing Company! Boobies and Beer?!?! Does it get any better?!? I just had my first mammogram a couple of months ago. It wasn’t so bad! At least I have one less thing to think I’m dying over. At least for a while!!

    A boobies bash? Sounds like a gig I wouldn’t want to miss!


  3. Yoplait is doing the pink lids save lives again to donate to the breast cancer research again so save the pink lids save lives

    Great campaign. They did it last year as well.


  4. My mom’s mom died this past year from breast cancer, a second recurrence, even after having a double mastectomy. My girls get regular exams, especially with the family history.
    Thanks Michael, for spreading the word a bit!

    You just can’t spread the word enough, I think.
    My deepest sympathies regarding your grandmother.


  5. good looking out Michael! i’ve lost people too and there are so many resources to stop it from taking so many lives. great post!

    I usually post once a year regarding breast cancer.
    You can’t talk about this enough.
    And with so many important women in my life, I’ll never stop talking


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