Nano Shuffle

I put my Nano on “shuffle” tonight and wrote a little bit about the 5 tunes that randomly came up. Check it out.

*Michel Camilo – Just Kidding (from the album, One More Once)
What can I say? I have a new favorite piano player.
This tune has intense tight, screaming horns and is not for the jazz squeamish.
Camilo’s piano solo is the quintessential jazz solo. Amazing.
The man plays right-handed octaves faster than a frickin’ machine gun.
One of you guys better be listening to this guy after all I’ve said and posted about him.
Truth be told, I want someone to pinch me and tell me I’m not dreaming.

*Los Lobos – Colossal Head (from the album Colossal Head)
I’ve listened to these guys forever.
Raw, unpretentious and innovative, LL wrote the proverbial manual on how an electric guitar should sound in the studio.
If you’ve ever witnessed two musicians arguing over the difference between tube amplifiers vs. solid state you’ll eventual hear this: Solid State sucks!
The guitar sounds on Colossal Head totally support this statement.

*Fourplay – Kid Zero (from the album X)
Bob James (keys), Larry Carlton (guitar), Nathan East (bass) and Harvey Mason (drums), need I say anymore?
Alright, I guess I should.
You’ve heard all of these guys play more than you could ever imagine.
Believe me.
Kid Zero is a very cool song for all you smooth jazzers out there.
The hidden gem on the album is Michael McDonald’s vocal on “My Love is Leavin'”, an old Stevie Winwood tune off the album Chronicles. Schweet.

*The Tubes – I don’t want to wait anymore (from the album The Best of the Tubes 1981-1987)
I’ve loved this song forever.
Hardcore Tubes fans hated it because of the way it sounded.
It was produced by a musician named David Foster, another serious keyboard idol of mine from way back. (again, you’ve heard this guy before, you just don’t know it)
My playing resembles his in many ways. Ask my wife.
This tune sounded nothing like the old Tubes. It was a few years later that they hit the pop charts with “She’s a beauty”, another Foster produced mega-hit.

*Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Here’s that rainy day (from the album Solo)
Not exactly sure what to say regarding this one but if you like jazz piano and have yet to hear Rubalcaba, you ain’t lived.
They guy is a frickin’ piano machine.

I had fun with this.
I’ve also posted an Amazon link for every album.
Click and scroll down the page for a quick listen to each tune.
There’s some real nice stuff here.
If there are a few tunes you think I might like, leave a few titles.
I’m always looking for new stuff to keep the musical boat afloat and make the train ride just a bit shorter.


4 thoughts on “Nano Shuffle

  1. Ah, one of favorite genre of blogposts! When I get to work, I’ll listen to the music and report back. I’m trying not to be too squeamish regarding Michel 🙂
    I know I’ll like Fourplay and probably Los Lobos. Looking forward to hearing David Foster.
    And would love to hear more of pure ~m.
    Gotta get movin.

    Some good stuff. Enjoy.


  2. Oh gosh, all morning I’ve been trying to do my work and listen to all this music. First I listened to all the snippets of several of Michel’s CDs. I think I like best the one that’s live at the Blue Note. Then LL. I’m not familiar enough with the sounds of those amps. But I do like LL’s sound. And I like Fourplay – I could work a long time listening to nothing but them.

    The Tubes sounded good. But then I clicked on David Foster’s link. What a treat! it opened up with a song playing, sung by Renee Olstead, “I Want a Love That Will Last.” I LOVE that song. I had heard it about a year ago on the radio and it’s just beautiful. I love her voice! Then the site just continues to play songs that he’s produced, and i guess plays piano on. It mentioned him doing a vocal duet with Lisa Lovbrand. Went to her site and couldn’t get a sample of it, but did get to hear her sing “Light My Fire.” It was beautiful – and different. The soft drum brushes, the whole interplay of the bass, piano, guitar, and her soft voice….then there’s some kind of percussion that is really soft and starts out as just an occasional tap in the right ear. I had to listen to it over and over. Did I mention the trumpet? Definitely…smmmmmoooooooth!

    Okay, I’ll have to get to Gonzalo this afternoon.

    Nice to see someone exhaust all the possibilities within this post.
    Sounds like you had fun, Lolly.
    If it expands your musical database, then I’m happy.


  3. Wow, all my friends have better taste in music than me. I just told everyone on Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery how much I love Wayne Newton’s Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.

    Danke Shoen, RC, Danke Shoen . . . 😉


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