The October Game

I’ve decided it’s time for a re-post. It is that time of year.
This short story by Ray Bradbury was written in 1948.
Oddly enough, it seems like something you would see gracing the front pages of today’s morning paper. I’ve decided to re-post this perennial favorite.
Just to warn you, it’s a fairly gruesome tale. Bradbury was so far ahead of his time.
If you haven’t read The October Game and would like to, click on the picture above.
(or HERE)


12 thoughts on “The October Game

  1. I liked October Game very much.
    You’re right,  it is something you’d expect to see in headlines of todays paper.
    Very creepy.


  2. Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors. The way he can spurn the reader’s imagination is something that I can only hope to accomplish with my writing. Thanks for sharing!

    Couldn’t agree more, Deb.
    Bradbury is phenomenal. Here’s to hoping. . .



  3. the october game is an awesome read!! i read it first in high school and it creeped me out 4 many halloweens to come.. but it is a kick ass read and EVERYONE should read it! u hear me? EVERYONE!! i luv cake!

    It’s a testament to Bradbury really.
    Just think how long ago he wrote the story and how topical it is today.
    Pure brilliance.
    And yes, EVERYONE should read this at least once.
    Thanks for the visit, Lou.


  4. EXCELLENT! i don’t think i have EVER read that one. love the ending, too.

    what’s really freaky? the dates on your Constant Readers’ comments….most are after october 9, 2007, but one is april 1, another august 16….

    i think i may have to re-read king’s “lisey’s story” now.

    thanQ for sharing, that was intense.

    This was posted last year that’s why the comments are from way back.
    I’ve always felt this story deserved the light of day.
    Just think, we live in a world where the man that wrote this is still alive. That amazes me.
    His brilliance and sheer ability to (predict) write stories that are more relevant and believable today blows my little writing mind.
    I’d love to meet him and shake his hand.
    Glad you liked the story. And believe me, King has read plenty of Bradbury. 😉
    Like to shake his hand too.


  5. ok, i am a dork. i totally missed the YEAR! guh. {LOL}

    it is amazing that he is still here….his writing is timeless. i was amazed at how drawn in i became. he really makes you pause & think…

    at the risk of repeating myself, losing people of that generation – that caliber of intelligence, integrity and respectfulness – unnerves me.

    thanQ for bringing us there….

    Thanks for going . . .
    Glad you liked it.


  6. OHMIGOD, you replied to me that you would like to meet king & shake his hand, too…..

    then you posted that you actually DID meet stevie in beantown AND shook his hand.

    now THAT’S spooooky!

    Forgot all about that! {cue the creepy music}


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