Who Dat?

A) Barry Manilow after a 10 day bender at the Copa

B) Phil Spector after unsuccessfully trying to explain his signature “Wall of Sound“, and how much chicks really dig it

C) Mike Vick’s lawyer leaving the courthouse gobsmacked after failing to convince the judge that, “Hey, Mikey don’t smoke that shit.”


10 thoughts on “Who Dat?

  1. Barry Manilow is not a far stretch. Saw him on the Today show a couple of weeks ago. YIKES!! And to think when I was in 6th grade, I had a friend who was absolutely in LOVE with him!! I kiept wondering in my 12 year old brain “why is she in love with this gay guy??” Oh Phil…at least he’s got groovy hair.

    This picture had no “groovy” hair.
    The pic itself blew me away. All I could think was, “Manilow, Manilow, Manilow . . . ” 😆


  2. Shut up! That is NOT Barry Manilow! This just convinces me HE should be on Dancing with the Stars right along with Marie Osmond and Wayne Newton. I’m sorry, would it be asking so much for these people to just grow old gracefully? FOR PETES SAKE MAN, enough with the plastic surgery – you are not fooling ANYONE!

    Danke Schoen, Bella, Danke Schoen, thank you for, all the love and pain . . .
    Sorry. I slip into Newton mode whenever I see his name. Damn it.


  3. It looks like Clay Gaykin after a meth habit that aged him 50 years.

    Clay Gaykin? Love it.
    You’ve always had the vision, Fuzz.
    You see stuff that we just fail to see.
    I guess that’s just how you roll . . . 😉
    Nice to hear from you, bud


  4. I’m going with “B”. that do don’t do anymore for him than the old one did though. maybe he should just shave his head.

    Shaving his head would be the ultimate answer, wouldn’t it?
    I love shaving my coconut.
    And yes, the pic is of Spector. He should buy a Gillette Fusion.


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