I had something happen to me tonight that was so bizarre and out of whack that I had to blog a bit of it.
After working in Boston for well over three years I would have thought this situation would happen there but life is not always so predictable.
Tonight, I came face to face with 666.
She came in the form of a woman 70+ years of age.
It all began as I was arriving at my stop tonight.
I made my way down near an exit door and found a seat to wait for the train to stop.
Across the way was an old woman looking out the window; 4′ 10″, black skullcap, white hair, weird clothes . . . yup, she’s nuts, I thought; a Poltergeist extra, basically.
Strange thing was I could see her face in the reflection of the glass and she was looking at me, studying me.
I didn’t think anymore about it and I began to quietly hum a blues song by a preacher named O.V. Wright, called “Don’t let my baby ride”, a favorite song of mine.
About 30 seconds before the train stopped, she walked over to me and got right in my face.
Weird right there, dude.
She asked about the clothes I had on (shirt and hat, compliments of my oldest daughter’s college) wondering if I attended said school.
The conversation went haywire from there and I refuse to write it here simply because of the amount of profanity. (on her part, not mine)
This hag seriously creeped me out but before I walked away from her I did say, “Please take your medication and do us all a favor and go play in traffic, you bitch.”
Not sure what else to say except that it doesn’t get much weirder than this, and if it did, I’d blog it and probably be rich.
Anyone curious about exactly what this gasbag had to say, email me.
I remember a few snippets but I was too freaked out to remember all of it at the time.
This encounter was just too freekin’ weird folks . . .
I’m now home, smoking a cigar and drinking Harpoon Octoberfest.
Life is once again, okay . . . for now.



13 thoughts on “666

  1. dude, it must be the Harvest Moon or something. The last 24 hours have been totally bizarre to me to – although, I didn’t get anyone with full costume and makeup. And Halloween is not that far off – maybe the ghouls are getting ready a little early? Have a beer for me, will ya.

    Had the beer. Full moon? Oh, yeah.


  2. this gave me the shivers! not badly enough that i won’t be sending an email however…
    i hate it when things like this happen…i seem to have a sign that only freaks and froot loops can see, on my forehead…i’m sure it says “i’ll talk to anyone who is weird, wired or outright obnoxious”!

    You should be straight on this one by now.
    Actually, yeah, you are. 😉


  3. Isn’t the full moon waning now? Why do the weirdos come out at the full moon anyway? Hopefully you don’t run into Ms. Bizzarro again.

    Ms. Bizzarro?
    Gaad, I love that, Lass.
    And for me, the full moon never wanes . . .


  4. What is it with that train and you. First someone farts and nearly kills you with the odor, and now this? WTF? Carry the bible next time. Or, throw some water on her and maybe she’ll melt like the wicked witch of the west “I’m MELTING…. M-E-L-T-I-N-G! You know, if I had been there I would have opened a can of whoop ass on her satanic ass! Boooo-ya!

    Satanic is right. Boo-yeah . . .
    Killing me with the fart comment. You’ve been visiting me for a while, eh? 😉


  5. what a teaser! now i HAFTA e-mail you to find out what the ole bitch said. profanity intrigues me. but then again, so does haldol {LOL}.

    hmmm, i’m guessing she said something to the effect of “you should renew your CPR certification and quit smoking those phucking cigars!” *chuckle*

    or maybe not.

    ok, i’ll hit you up. hey, who’s that behind you?

    wizeass. 😆


  6. Hmm, seems they like public transport. Had one experience in a subway once, she didn’t get in my face, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a face as white, almost translucent as hers. She was old too and in dark clothes. I remember her muttering bad words and although I don’t have proof of this, I couldn’t help a very strong notion that I was the only one in that scarcely populated car that even saw or heard her, you know nobody else even looking at her….. 666 I don’t know, but if I ever saw a ghost, this would have been one.

    This was one very sick woman. I’m convinced of that.
    Maybe my mother prepared me to deal with this kind of situation . . .


  7. I don’t have much to say about this beyond this:

    Um, weird!



    I have no idea what I would have said or done. Probably panic or something. But it sounds like you handled it okay. If you can compose yourself enough to say what you said to her, then you handled it alright.

    Still. Weird!

    Very weird. There’s an even stranger postscript that I may post soon. Stay tuned.


  8. I would think this kind of thing would happen more frequently in a big city. I had several wierd happenings in NYC, Phila and Washington D.C. but nothing that creeped me to the core. Happy (early) Halloween?

    If you were there, Carn, you would have creeped out even more.
    If she had rotten Linda Blair “Exorcist” teeth, I would have lost it.
    Early Halloween? Ayup . . . {she’s a witch! Burn her!!!!!}


  9. Maybe she’s the ghost of one of those people who are stupid enough to walk off of the subway platform.

    Probably not too far from the truth of the matter.
    Amazing what 220 volts will do to the soft tissue of the brain.


  10. The best thing about running into a strange and creepy person is it gives you a good story to pull out later (maybe much later) whenever a conversation start waning. I’m sure you could use this interesting woman as great conversation pick-me-up for quite awhile, or if you exaggerate it just a bit and it might make a good campfire story. 🙂


    I’d already put her in a “character” folder for future reference.
    Though I don’t generally write fiction, you never know when you might need a loose cannon like this one.
    Feel free to borrow the story at the next campfire . . . 😉


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