My one and only love

My Pamela,
You can still make this old heart skip a beat, make my eyes smile, set my soul on fire just by being you. Oddly enough, it’s not as surprising as you would truly like to think.
I still really love us.
There are so many things I’d love to give you today but a favorite love song is about all I can muster and afford right now.
You’ve heard this song many times before as an instrumental but probably never like this.
May you be surrounded by many people that you love tomorrow.
I couldn’t wish for anything nicer for you.
You are so loved and sometimes you don’t even know it.
And I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow.
Count on me, kiddo.
Happy Birthday, green eyes.


ps. No V.F.W. post either . . . :0{) >


20 thoughts on “My one and only love

  1. Oh!!! How very romantic. Thanks for sharing your favourite love song for Pamela. This little post has really touched me.
    Peace, chance and lots of love for tomorrow.

    Di. 🙂

    Thanks, Di. It will be a very special day today.


  2. Thanks Michael for the Birthday wishes !
    I never heard that song before, it ‘s nice.
    It will be a beautiful I sunny day today and you have the day off and I don’t. What gives?

    You will see . . . 😉


  3. happy birthday pam! hope your day is great!
    now if someone had given us some notice, i could have sent you a card…i made a hummingbird cake tonight, so i’ll think of you as we eat it instead…


  4. Happy Birthday Pam! I had it in my head that yours was the same day as mine, but maybe it’s a day off. I’ll have to go back and check last year’s post!
    Maybe you can goof off at work. Have fun!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this love with us here. I appreciate it so much and thank youfor the song as well.
    You are beautiful and your love is beautiful as well.

    Peace and love.

    ~ RS ~


  6. Thank you to all for the Birthday wishes. I had a day full of surprises and lots of cake! What guy would switch his day off in order to throw his wife a birthday party on a Tuesday night? I am a lucky girl with some pretty amazing friends and a wonderful family.I truly had a HAPPY day ! Thanks Michael!
    p.s. He even cleaned up-doesn’t get any better than that.


  7. lucky indeed pam…switched his day off, threw a party, made sure you had cake, then cleaned up?? good job michael…
    and to top it all of he didn’t even mention age…what. a. man!
    glad your day was so good….


  8. Glad we could share Pam’s b’day! You two are great together….always have been and always will be! What you have together, is what most people wish for! Happy Birthday Pam! -Glad we’re friends!
    xo Lynn


  9. Aw! You’re killing me!!!! Very sweet, she’s a very lucky woman! Is that Chris Botti?? He’s coming to Harrisburg, small theater…I know of a place you can stay, real cheap!!!

    That is Botti. He’s a great player.
    The singer is Paula Cole of “I don’t want to wait” fame – the theme song from Dawson’s Creek.


  10. What’s a V.F.W. post?

    Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    Little function places with bars that sell Bud for 2 bucks a bottle along with ham hocks and pickled eggs.
    Not a place Pamela ever wanted to have a party. Though a few of her relatives have . . .


  11. that is SOOO romantic and sweet! i pray to find love like that someday!!

    I’ve never considered myself a romantic.
    Ask my wife how I proposed to her. Strange.
    I think I’ve made up for it over the years though.


  12. Well, okay, I thought you were talking about some kind of a VFW blog post! And I was thinking, “Well, that WAS a Very Fine Wife post.”

    You are Queen of the acronym, kiddo 😉
    Love it.


  13. “I still really love us”. That got me. I never heard it said that way before but I knew exactly what you meant.

    Happy Belated Birthday Pamela!

    Jeez, I don’t know whether or not to cry or spit. My husband is great (don’t get me wrong) but he’s not THAT romantic. Ugh, so sweet and mushy – I want some of that. I’m going to call him on my way home from work this morning and tell him my love tank is run’n on fumes….. me needs me some sweet romance. You are so lucky to have each other!

    He’ll come around someday, Bella.
    Never considered myself romantic but . . .


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