Rock on

Michel Camilo last night, Michael McDonald tomorrow night.
Guess who’s not going to be blogging this weekend?
I’ll catch everyone up on Sunday night.
I will tell you that Camilo was more than incredible.
And he smiles more than any musician I’ve ever seen in my life.
More on Michel later.
Have a great weekend folks.
Catch you on the rebound . . .


ps. a very special birthday is coming up next week. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Rock on

  1. I can just imagine how incredible Michel was.

    And you’re seeing McDonald tomorrow night????? You’re spoiled!

    Wait a few days and read my review of McDonald if you think I’m spoiled . . . 😉


  2. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.
    Hope you have a great one, Michael!

    As I said to Lolly, wait a few days.
    We had a ball but the concert was something else entirely.


  3. hope it all was/is as good as you hope/d
    have a great weekend….

    It’s over and I’m alive to tell the tale.
    Time to catch up on some overdue comments.
    Check the blog over the next few days.
    Should be some good stuff.


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