A death row inmate in Ohio feels lethal injection is unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment.
Cry me a river, asshole.
Let me make sure I am crystal fucking clear on this; he raped and stabbed to death a 14 year old girl in cold blood and is complaining about the way he will die.

It’s cruel and unusual punishment?

Really? Come on, you disgusting cretin.

You are so low in the human decency scale that you’d have to climb a ladder to blow a snake, for God’s sake, you assclown.
You have no voice in this, as far as I’m concerned.
Shut the hell up and just die.
It frosts my stones to no end that we actually entertain the thought, all at the risk of political effin’correctness.
Please excuse my really bad French.

My wife served jury duty last week.
The case she was (almost) selected to serve on was fairly clean cut; a defendant was caught red-handed with handguns and drugs and was supposedly associated with a murder.
22 some odd State Troopers were standing nearby to give their testimony against this slimy piece of shit.
Everyone awaiting a jury appointment was asked a series of questions to rule out bias and impartiality.

“Is there anyone here that has already formed an opinion regarding this case?”

My wife {God love her} raises her hand and is called to the judge’s bench.

The conversation went something like this:

“Mrs. Murphy, you’ve already formed an opinion on this case?”

“Yeah. Guilty.”

“Mrs. Murphy? You’re excused.”

There may have been a bit more conversation but that’s all the ammo I needed to write this post.

What am I missing here?
Our judicial system is on way more drugs than Jimi Hendrix was when he was playing Woodstock.
Really, what am I missing here?
As far as Romell Broom goes, screw him.
I say fry his pussy death row ass . . .
And that’s almost too good for the likes of him.
As a taxpayer, I’m so sick and tired of paying for 3 squares a day, a bed with blankets and a roof over the head of slimebags like this guy.
I rant, therefore, I am.
Pissed? Ayup.
Can you tell stories like this bother me a bit?
Please excuse me while I go and vomit.

15 thoughts on “Asshole

  1. I see this shit every motherfuckin’ day. Prisoners in this country have far more rights than law abiding citizens. They lay on their bunks getting three hots and a cot, free mail, cable tv, all utilities paid and yet they constantly bog up the court system with frivolous lawsuits regarding their rights. Where are the damn rights of the victims? Where are the rights of society to keep safe from these predators? The cry baby bitches of the world have taken over the judicial system except for a few good judges that are hamstrung at every turn. It is time for real people to say that enough is enough. The legal system should be about justice not like a catch and release Bass Fishing Tournament. I say Fire up Old Sparky and let the good times roll.

    I was really hoping you’d be the first to comment. You made my dream come true.
    You see this crap every day.
    Amen, my brother. Thanks for solidifying the post.
    Fire Up Old Sparky? Damn, I like that. 😉


  2. you’re WELL aware of my thoughts on this subject michael..i hold forth on a regular basis about shark shit like this cretin…i say shark shit because it’s at the same level as these mongrels
    good on pam for telling the truth, fuck the judge for not liking the answer…fry this bastard slower than a whole pig is my theory…screw human rights…let some of these low lifes suffer like their victims..

    I didn’t go into detail but you picked up on the judge’s demeanor.
    Absolutely correct!
    And I do so like “shark shit” I’ll have to steal that one :0)


  3. Helllls yes! I totally agree Michael. It’s a sad world filled with sick fucks. In our community, they’re doing an execution soon, which is something that hasn’t happened in 8 years I think it was. They’re giving the cocksucker a choice of how he wants to die. Injection or the chair. I say line him up and blast his sorry ass away just like he did his victims. Sorry assed waste of sperm and egg, I say.

    Maybe they should put the execution on pay-per-view and send the proceeds to the
    surviving victims. They could at least have a BBQ in the deceased criminals honor afterwards . . .


  4. I’ve always thought the best form of punishment was for the perpetrator to have done to them what they did to someone, either by the victim, or the victims family…no way they could call it cruel and unusual then could they? I mean that would be just a tad hypocritical….

    That is a brilliant idea. Maybe some of these assclowns would think twice if that was law.


  5. Hell yeah, I agree with debambam. An eye for and eye, as they say. Lethal injection is too good for prisoners. I’ll bet my balls it doesn’t hurt as much as being shot.

    And what’s with the free health care? It may be misinformation, but I hear some prisoners got sex changes while still serving time! It’s a waste of taxpayer money, which could be better used to kill other people in Iraq.

    I say that they just pull a Terry Schaivo on all inmates serving life sentences, and stop feeding them.

    Stop feeding them? Brilliant. Cruel and unusual. I love it.


  6. Let’s sit on a yacht and throw them in the ocean for shark bait!
    We could sip on a tropical drink and watch them flop around until the sharks get them.

    How about some Swizzle?


  7. I like drinks with umbrellas in them.

    Sorry, carry on :]

    Red, meet Lynn. Lynn, Red. 😉
    You two would have a ball together, drinks and all.
    I’ll make the fruit salad . . .


  8. Isn’t it amazing what cowards most slimebags are? They are mighty brave when they have a defenseless girl they can ravage and torture. But when it comes to paying the piper they whine and pee their pants like little boys. My wish for him is that he suffers the pain and horror that he perpetrated on his victim. And that hers is the first soul he has to face when he crosses over and sees she is the one holding the keys. Yep, that would do it.


    Amen, Annie, A-frickin’-men.


  9. Maybe they should put the execution on pay-per-view and send the proceeds to the surviving victims.

    Fuck Pay-per-view. Put these bastards’ executions on the prime time news, along with the crime scene photos of the victims’ bodies. Have them die the same way they killed their victims, with millions of viewers watching. How much will the crime rate drop then?

    Sound extreme? I guess I’m as sick as you are of paying for the “rights” of these rabid dogs.

    I wonder if the crime rate would drop or would it increase because these assclown’s want their names on the evening news?


  10. If he feels that lethal injection is unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment, I’d be willing to shoot him between the eyes….. I’ll do it for free too.

    I think everyone else is already lining up behind you.


  11. Any harm to a female and/or child, SIMPLE solution:
    If we believe you did it-See ya-BANG!
    Savings to society: 70 plus grand per year!

    Bang is right. 70G’s a year? {shaking my head}


  12. What a sorry waste of human skin. There is something wrong with this picture. A bullet only costs a dime and volunteers come for free.

    No wasted words here. And I agree with every single one.


  13. Actually, we should pack the bull by the horns before the damage is done. Why wait until they become predators and harm innocent people? After all they are not worthy humans.
    I know any Children’s Aid worker could probably point out which ones are going to lack the empathy that truly human people experience.

    If we got rid of them right from the start, we could even save tax payers money for psychiatric counseling, foster care or treatment homes, juvenile jail, etc. Evil people are obviously all born evil and therefore don’t deserve any human rights especially when it costs the system. We ‘normal’ humans are perfectly capable of distinguishing between evil and not evil, right?

    I don’t know above case other then that the crime was committed in 1984. The US National Institute of Justice released that indicates that since 1989 every fourth prime suspect was excluded due to DNA testing. Seventy-seven percent of post-conviction DNA exoneration cases in the U.S. involve mistaken eyewitness identification testimony, making it the leading cause of these wrongful convictions.

    Yes with that record, we should have really just tortured every body based on the crime that they were convicted of – especially prior to DNA testing – rather then paying for them ‘for life’. What on earth do we need such a flawed justice system for?

    You hit the nail on the head with “flawed justice system”.
    If you could see how packed to the gills these courthouses were, you’d feel more strongly about what you just wrote.
    My wife was almost scared for her life in the place.
    As my friend Laho said, get rid of the slime and save the taxpayer @70k a year.
    If you ever need any good lawyer jokes, let me know . . . :0)


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