11 thoughts on “RTFM

  1. You can’t make toast correctly in one of those toasters, anyway. You must broil it in an oven.

    So what’s RTFM? Right This F***ing Minute? And what’s with the picture in your banner? I guess it’s comic related. You’re forcing these comics on me, aren’t you?



  2. ARG! I see that web comic everywhere! You must be one of the people that stalk me and put that image in a place I will be likely to go. You and your kind sicken me.

    And I thank you, DT 😆
    How are those Abs coming along? 😉


  3. What’s even worse is I tend to check my feeds over my lunch break, so when reading this feed it can be kind of difficult to keep my laughter from being heard through the cube farm.

    Oh, I understand totally. 😉


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