16 thoughts on “Writing

  1. TMHBL….touche’, spaz! i very really truly find this blog thing quite amusing….

    love calvin & hobbes.

    have a great day, whatever calendar you may be lookin’ at!

    love & peace,

    yvonne {still chuckling}

    “TMHBL” Not sure what that means. Too tired.
    Calvin and Hobbes? My 2nd favorite after “Far Side”
    Why do all the good ones disappear?


  2. What a fantastic comic, and reminds me of every single bit of literary criticism I’ve ever read.

    (Note: I didn’t say it was a “really” fantastic comic.)

    Thanks for sharing!

    I thought close to the same thing as I posted this. Funny.
    Nice to see you, LF
    I’ll be by for a visit real soon. Be well.


  3. I was all, like, really and totally bummed by this. I mean, who truly writes well without quite using those exact specific phrasings.

    “Who writes well without quite using those phrasings?”
    Think about it in terms of your writing.
    Less is always more and has substantial impact.
    I’ve read many books that maintain that careless adverbs only clutter the basic fact.
    And I agree.
    Don’t be bummed. Just think about your own writing.


  4. It sure feels like a Monday. Ugh! I’m with Lolly on the big words. So pompous and unnecessary. 😉

    It’s Calvin and Hobbes!
    Unnecessary? It was a comic strip for God’s sakes and all comics are unnecessary. Kind of.
    But pompous? Nahhhh . . . .
    I always loved reading it! 😉
    Sometime check out ‘Lio’, a demented and strange new strip. I love it.


  5. Oh that pretentious child! He make me feel like stoopid grown-up person who too lazy to use big book called dictionary.

    No, seriously, I thought it was Monday too. Stupid Labor Day holiday… I’ve got to try the writing tip. Those are absolutely overused adverbs in my own writing (see, better already! Now if I can only banish the exclamation point!)

    Thank God someone else thought it was Monday.
    Thought I was losing it there for a moment.
    I’ve got a beaut of a writing tip to post over the weekend.


  6. TMHBL=Throwing My Head Back Laughing

    my own mnemonic

    write on!


    Got it.
    With three daughters that IM at light speed you’d think I could figure that out. :0)



  7. Oh well I guess I will just have to suck.
    I really truly believe very much that I do quite that very thing. 🙂

    Hey thanks for coming by lately and for all your encouragement. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. But it’s been a rough month…..

    You understand.


    I do understand. You hang in there, girl . . .


  8. I think I’ll comment again (since you don’t have a new post for me to read this morning.)
    I did laugh when I read this comic yesterday. But now that I’ve looked up a couple of those big words, I’m laughing some more.
    So that’s Calvin and Hobbes, eh? Again. You like them. Are they history? In syndication?
    You’ll have to show some more. Pick out the best ones. The ones with fewest words.

    since you don’t have a new post for me to read this morning . . .

    Oh, Lolly! lmao
    There’s another classic C&H somewhere on the blog but I’ll be damned if I know where it is :0)


  9. Always knew I was doing something wrong, oh wait, I’m not a writer, I can use whatever words I want…yay for me!
    Cheers, Kelly

    We’re all writers to some degree. You as well, Kel.
    Some of us just write more than others.
    I should talk these days . . .


  10. M: Calvin and Hobbes? My 2nd favorite after “Far Side”
    Why do all the good ones disappear?

    Isn’t that the truth?

    Always a pleasure to come across your gems 🙂

    That is the truth.
    As I mentioned to someone else check out “Lio”, a bizarre comic now running in major newspapers.
    Thanks for the visit, LF


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