A good friend of mine mentioned this video today and I just had to find it and post it.
Nature can be quite amazing sometimes. Maybe even fair.
This video ends like a Disney Movie.
Kind of cool and totally unexpected.
Check it out.


8 thoughts on “I CAN HAZ HAPPY ENDING

  1. 1. Much better than that other stupid “i can haz” site 😉
    2. One for the good guys
    3. NEVER doubt that unless the time you have been alloted is up, it makes no difference what happens…you just ain’t gonna die (obviously works in the animal kingdom too)
    and finally…never, ever underestimate the bravery of a mother when her baby is threatened….

    This was a herd of very pissed off water buffalo, huh?


  2. There is safety in numbers – as soon as the big cows realized that, it was over for the lions. Sort of like Sunday afternoon football.

    Great comparison with the pigskin.
    And big cows? Damn, Yeah!


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