6 thoughts on “I missed HannahBanana's Birthday!

  1. Thanks dad. 🙂 I just noticed, one of the gods was the one from monty python!!!! Thats so cool. And awesome video and cute pic, reminds me of doby, a free elf. *sniffle sniffle*


    She does have a Doby thing happening, huh?
    You’re welcome.


  2. shame on you!!! (just kidding…)
    it doesn’t seem like 12 months since her last one…are you sure you got the date right???

    There’s that time thang again.


  3. Waaaaaa is he singing? I love that song but wth? I cannot make out any of the words! I’m embarrassed to say; I always thought I could ROCK and knew so many songs, etc. UNTIL that Joey Fatone came out with that show Singing Bee where the people have to recite the song lyrics exactly and I realized that I don’t know MOST lyrics. I just sing really loud in the car and make the lyrics as I go. Lew-sah-her! LOSER! Ya didn’t really miss the kidz b-day, right? Was it like a scene from 16 candles? (Derrr, only there were 14 candles….)

    Look on the web. There are several very interesting interpretations of these lyrics.
    I picked the cleanest of all of them.
    Gotta keep it PG-13, you know? {:0)


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