Sometimes days off are busier than days at work.
I didn’t stop all day.
So, it’s video time people.
Hard to believe this is Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Don’t look like no “junior” to me {:0)
I’m off to Downtown Snoozville.
Catch you all tomorrow . . .



7 thoughts on “Stiffy

  1. I thought this entry would be about something else after reading the title .. Got my hopes up. *shakes head*

    What else could “stiffy” be about? :0)


  2. Did you final take the time to cut the grass, weed your wifes flower beds, wash all the cars, clean out the rear shed/basement and started to think about falling leaves?
    A normal day!

    Actually since you asked, I’ve been waterproofing and cleaning the basement.
    No flowerbeds for me. I hear you’re pretty good at that sort of thing . . . :0)


  3. You know I had to watch this at work, dontcha? } : o )
    I’m suffering through downloading some tunes though here at home. It takes about an hour or more to get one. But it’s worth it!

    This was a goody. Hope you were able to see it.


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