9 thoughts on “Apropos

  1. I don’t know anything about the news, but I think he’s the guy that did the dog fights, right?

    Google it, DT.
    Sad, sad story. For the dogs especially . . .


  2. ok, first, who the hell hasnt heard about michael vick and this story? second, i want to stab him in the knees so he doesnt even have the chance to play football again. he also will have a tough time running away from all the dogs that i will train to attack him. muhuhahahaha.


    I’d love to see that on YouTube :0)


  3. son of a bitch!!! dog fighting???
    ANYBODY caught involved in a barbaric practice like this deserves the very worst the courts can offer and more!!
    words almost fail me here! (almost, not quite)
    trying really hard not to get up on my soap box and rant and rave and swear and scream every foul name i can lay my tongue to for this low life!

    Slime is a very nice way of putting it.
    I heard that unless someone claims the dogs they will all be euthanized.
    Nice, huh?


  4. I suppose you’ve heard about the trading cards and autographed footballs that people have let their dogs maul to destruction. Pretty ironic.

    Everyday it seems there’s something else that makes me go, “wow”.


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