Sad Song


I feel like a sad song
One that feels as I do right now
no rhyme, no reason; just overcrowded staves of emotional chromaticism making no sense, no reason, no rhyme

I feel like a sad song
One that sounds different than the one I’ve sung for so long, too long now
out of time and tune, out of my mind with more questions than the distant answers found on the worn pages of a fake book, my book of life

I am the sad song
One deep inside the why’s and the what ifs of a book; moments in time, this book of liars, of blue tears
of grace notes unnoticed and songs unsung, a song of the heart still waiting silently to be found . . .


10 thoughts on “Sad Song

  1. I feel like a sad song often. I guess that’s why they call it the blues, eh?

    ‘of grace notes unnoticed and songs unsung’ noice. I really love that line.


    I guess that’s why they call it the blues
    Elton John got to that one long before I did.
    Interesting what a toothache you can’t afford to fix does for your writing, huh?


  2. But when you sing em out. You feel free again. I hope it works for you as it did for Neil.

    An interesting comment.
    Hadn’t even occurred to me during the writing of this.
    I’ll keep you posted, Evyl


  3. I think it comes to our life that we feel like a sad song. A feeling you don’t understand why, but only i can say to you, if you feel the sadness think those people whom care for you. Your family, friends and others……
    i love your post, i am also feeling like a sad song… but we must face the reality of life, let live and move on……
    Keep writing and inspiring us…

    The warmth in your comment made me smile and I thank you dearly, kind stranger
    Please visit again


  4. Sad Song and Elton John are inseperable for me. There was a time where his Sad Song popped up on a mall speaker system, on the car radio, in the dentist’s office, on TV, on fair grounds, really anywhere when I felt sad.

    That’s probably why Elton John remains one of my alltime favourite musicians. He helped me through many a sad moment I had as a teenager and once in a while even now.

    Sorry, really has nothing to do with your post, other then being a consequence thought or should I say associated memory.

    Hope you have something or someone to blow away your sadness once in a while.


    I find a way back . . . eventually. 😉


  5. Those toothaches that you can’t afford to get fixed have a way of becoming top priority…
    That’s a really cool picture on this post.
    And your words are haunting. Your book of liars and smoke-and-mirrors thing have always caused me a little bit of concern. Not too much though. 🙂

    The main reason I use “Steely Dan” song titles is simply because I hate email addy’s such as bobbyk22265784@ . . . .
    I’ve found Dan tunes to work great for that sort of thing.
    As far as Smoke and Mirrors, I originally took the name based on my oldest daughter’s initials S.A.M.
    The tooth has gone back to sleep. For now. . .


  6. wow, m squared. what a wonderful piece.

    “overcrowded staves of emotional chromaticism….”
    i am right there with you. thank you for saying so eloquently what i cannot.

    that was beautiful. sad, but beautiful nonetheless.

    Thanks NurseY.
    Missed you guys the other night. Hope the seafood was good. :0)


  7. Your words reach the deepest part of our hearts. This post is beautiful. And just think, by feeling like a sad song once and a while you’ve proven that you aren’t cold-hearted. It’s sounds kind of odd but the sad songs come from the same place that allows you to reach out as a person to those around you and what allows you to cherish memories.

    Don’t stop writing.

    Thanks, MOS
    I really appreciate your comment.
    And yes, I plan on writing for quite sometime.


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