9 thoughts on “Fork

  1. Oh my, especially love the ‘food for thought’ line, the question is, what comes first the food or the fork? (Nevermind ……. 8) )

    I’m thinking the fork but . . .


  2. I had a similar thought the other night as we were leaving a Mexican restaurant. I said “Don’t fall on the cactus.” See, words to live by!!!

    “Don’t fall on the cactus”
    You would think folks would have already known


  3. Absolutely nothing to do with this thread, but I have to admit I like the Steely Dan theme of the blog. Having no taste myself, I would have picked the cover of “The Royal Scam” for a theme . . . .

    Funny you should pick up on that.
    It’s probably because of the little piece of artwork on the left sidebar (from the Aja album)
    And yeah, if WordPress ever came out with a “Royal Scam” based template, I’d be all over that like flies on poop


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