A small, insignificant and relatively stinky Haiku for Bob

How come you so big?

You scare my wife and keetons

Bobby try diet . . .

Sarah informed us that Bob would be returning for a few days.
His stay will be mercifully brief because he’s outta here on Sunday morning when we bring her back to school. {excuse me, college}
Bob is currently residing in the hallway upstairs.
I found that out last night (1:34am) when I was needlessly mugged by a dark-hooded Hollister sweatshirt on my way to the bathroom.

My only thought today was where in God’s name did the summer go?

I’ve already noticed a few brave trees offering up their chlorophyll, preparation for a special place on the ever popular New England Autumnal Palette.
The hands of time are moving too damn fast for me these days.
I just said ‘hello’ to summer and now I’m sadly saying ‘goodbye’.

And I hate that.

I really, really do.

Relinquishing my sacred seat on the porch has never been easy.
I used to love the fall but even that has changed for me; probably because the autumnal equinox is the natural pre-cursor to the personal arctic abomination I now refer to as “freekin’ winter”.

The past few days have kicked my ass but the computer is once again up and running and the ‘blue screen of death’ is but mere memory. Ahh . . . .
And thank my lucky stars because I can already hear Bob calling me for more space.

I promise to catch up on my “comment absence” by early next week.

keep the faith,


PS. Happy Birthday, LiHo!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “A small, insignificant and relatively stinky Haiku for Bob

  1. Yeah, who needs Summer around here? We probably have about a month of it left. There’s usually a real cool front through here around my birthday – brings the daily highs back down to around 80.

    I’m just a summer kind of guy, I guess.


  2. We’re reaching Indian summer out here. We’re expecting mid-90’s weather for the first week of school. 😦

    We’re in the 90’s here in Boston today with high humidity.


  3. Here in the land of eternal summer, I am barely getting a whisper of Fall. We just got through a bleeding wicked heat wave and I’m hoping that’s the last one for the summer but September – October could bring us one or two. Though I’ve noticed the days are getting a little shorter and the garden, though still blooming is a bit more languid than it was in June.

    Yep, the days zoom by for us old foagies, I thinki it’s due to losing brain cell elasiticity.

    The good news is that writing (for me) is more prolific in the winter. Not sure why though.


    brain cell elasticity? Hmmm, that’s a stretch 😉
    I’m with you on the winter thing. Writing does pick up.
    It must be the solitude of the season


  4. M squared:

    loving the photo, monchromatic and somewhat surreal….

    love the haiku…reminds me a lil of some “dan of steel” leer-ics.

    if your writing “picks up” in the winter, all your Constant Readers are in for a treat!

    woo-hoo! bring on the autumnal equinox, say i!

    love and peas,

    The photo was kind of weird, huh?
    Yeah, winter kicks me into high gear. Must be the damn snow . . .


  5. Summer will always come back,,,,,but days of sitting on the porch will disappear. Hardly anybody sits on the porch anymore…..they sit in front of the t.v. or computer or air-conditioner….but sitting on the porch and passing the time will be a thing of the past.

    I sit every damn night.
    No t.v. and no ac and I’m a happy camper.
    Go figure


  6. I was just thinking the same thing about the summer. Summer always seems to fly, the winter stays forever. I love my porch, I love my Adirondack chairs, the warm breeze and the friends that gather there. When winter comes that all seems to go away. The return to school is often a melancholy time which I think is left over from when I had to go back to school. I don’t think I’ve gotten over that. Say bye to Bob for me!!! Good luck at school Sarah!!

    She says ‘thanks’ and Bob is now officially gone.
    When are you getting your butt up to Boston?
    The North End awaits . . . 😉


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