Alive and . . .

Just to let you know I’m alive and well.
There just hasn’t been enough time to put together anything worthwhile
for you to read.
I spent all last night trying (unsuccessfully) to install Norton Systemworks on Sarah’s laptop.
I “chatted” online with several analysts in India before finally reaching someone named Arun who solved my problem.
I found that chatting is a hell of a lot easier than trying to talk with these guys on the phone.
The ‘puter problem is now solved and I’m going to try and get back to normal soon.
This post is a confession of sorts (yes, I know, another one)
The warm summer nights mean two basic things to me: cigars and beer.
Sorry to say blogging has taken a back seat.
In a few short months the weather will change and I’ll find myself back inside looking for a pen and my journal.
I changed my header so that you’d know I was still alive.
But I’m still something of a suckbag because I’ve replied to no comments and visited virtually no one.
I do apologize. If only there were 36 hours in a day . . .
One last note, my left thumb was infected.
I went to Urgent Care Sunday night after getting back from Boston.
The doc got out a scalpel and went to town on my digit before squeezing out
a bunch of disgusting spooge.
I’m currently on antibiotics and I think I’m going to make it.
Don’t give up on me just yet.
I may even surprise you all with a comment or two tonight. Maybe. :0)
Oh, and a bit on the picture above?
I thought it was strange.
Just like me . . .

15 thoughts on “Alive and . . .

  1. Oh if anyone can relate to not having enough time to blog it’s me! When your ready mate…

    LOL at chatting to computer techs online rather than over the phone. Here is aus a lot of the call centres are outsourced to India and at times it can be very difficult to understand them – accents – at least the keyboard puts things onto an equal footing. English is english on the computer screen, unless of course you are a teenager or conversing with them 🙂

    Take care of that thumb buddy….
    Cheers, Kelly

    Thumbs up, kiddo…


  2. Wow! Glad to hear the thumb is on the mend! Too much blogging? ha ha
    I believe that holding a glass of Guinness is good therapy for an infected thumb 🙂 Drinking it is too, of course!

    Drink some, soak my thumb in it {ad nauseum}
    Yeah, hey my thumb does feel better!


  3. Ah, Blogger’s Thumb. A painful malady mainly affecting the semi-social human who prefers the written word (as well as beer and cigars) to face to face contact with those of their own species. Also known as Writer’s Digit or Painful Phlange. Known cures include wide-spectrum antibiotics accompanied by liberal doses of beer and cigars.

    Happy healing ~m!

    Got the beer and cigars covered, OB :0)


  4. Oh, I know what you mean, Michael. It’s hard to find time to blog in the summer. When the weather’s so nice I hate to sit inside at my computer more than I have to, and since fall seems to be approaching faster than I’d like it seems a shame to waste any of the sunshine. But the rain will be back soon, and then we’ll all be back at our keyboards blogging again.

    Enjoy your Guinness and the sunshine. Don’t worry about blogging; I imagine most people have taken a break for the summer as well and will be back again when the weather isn’t quite as nice.

    Glad to hear your thumb is healin’ up alright. 🙂


    Colder weather is right around the corner . . .


  5. Disgusting spoooge. Mmmm, tasty. Thanks for the visual. Really. Hopefully the infection is outta there and you’ll heal up right quick.
    Have a shmoke for me . . and a few brews.

    Will do, Red. Oh, and, you’re welcome :0)


  6. Hey, you blogslacker! Shape up!

    Sorry, dude, just couldn’t resist. (Yeah, I know, pots, kettles, etc.)

    Cigars and beer, eh? And the problem with this is what, exactly? Sounds to me like you’ve reached your happy place. 😉

    Anyway, I’ll be Arun thinks outsourcing is a pretty nifty idea. And you’re right, the chat thing is actually much better.


    Ah, my happy place. Sounds about right.


  7. How did you find the time to write such a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg blog if you have no time? It took you this long to tell us you are busy and will get back to us.

    Always one wiseass in the crowd . . . 😉


  8. I hate spooge! Ha! Ha! Ha! lol. Sorry. But, really, WHAT could be worse than a load of spooge. Now, I like the chat idea rather than trying to figure out what the heck these foreign experts are saying on the phone. I will have to try that next time. Enjoy the summer beer and cigars – who could possibly blame you?

    Not even sure if “spooge” is a word but . . .
    Hopefully you won’t blame me, Bella 😎


  9. Kick back and enjoy it while you got it my friend. Mebbe staying away from the puter would be good for all of us.

    I’m taking my sore fingers out and doing the dishes meditation – sounds like yours will be more fun though.


    We all need that cyberspacial downtime, Roobs
    Doing dishes is a wonderful thing for a writer. It’s a mindless task that lets your brain out to play.
    Think of it that way and you’ll be amazed how fast the dishes get put away 😉


  10. Well good on getting the software installed. Chatting is much better idea than talking.

    Don’t worry about the blog slacking – I think we’re all doing it. Me included. Autumn will change everything, won’t it? In the meantime, enjoy your beers and cigars on the patio.

    I think you’re right. Autumn will change many things.
    For now, I’m enjoying the schmokes and libations very much, tanks :0)


  11. I’m not an English major, I can barely spell… but spooge? Yup, sounds like something my brother Chaz would say.. then it becomes a real word. Total man word, “spooge” I’m going to start saying that!

    I’ve always loved the word.
    I have other favorites as well: assclown, splashmonkey, gasbag
    Oh, the list is endless . . .


  12. ~m! I’ve been stuck in this same kind of blogging sludge at the end of summer/beginning of fall, too. What’s that about, after having (semi-)religiously posted for so long? lol

    Sorry that I have also been remiss about visiting, but that doesn’t change the fact that your blog is still a top favorite of mine because the writing’s so very fresh and sincere.

    Glad your thumb is all right now. Gosh…scary.

    Take care, friend!

    Melanie 🙂

    My thumb? I’d forgotten all about that.
    Yeah, it’s all good.
    Nice to hear from you, Mel


  13. And the pic IS cool, btw 🙂 It looks like an MC Escher. (Isn’t that the guy’s name? You know who I mean, I’m sure.)

    Not Escher.
    Can’t remember who exactly.
    It just seemed to fit the post.


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