The Nasty Tat

Sending this one out with a special dedication to my sister. :0)
(just back from Jamaica)
Out straight this past weekend folks with work and a short trip to Urgent Care
to take care of my left thumb which went over to the dark side (literally)
I’ll try to catch up on your comments sometime this evening.
peace, out



10 thoughts on “The Nasty Tat

  1. That was priceless!

    Have you been to the doctor for your thumb? It sounds like you may need antibiotics.

    Already boned up on little red pills.
    Thumbs better too.
    Thanks, Deb


  2. Tramp stamp. That’s the quip I’ve been trying to locate in my brain ever since I heard it a few months ago. (Although I think they’re kinda sweet, myself. Not that I have one. I’m a big chicken when it comes to pain). Funny video!

    Check out “Off Road Tattoo” from the movie Jackass.
    And no, I have no tats either (that I’m aware of)


  3. loving that new header by the way…..
    nothing wrong with the dark side either…most of us happy over there…
    and thanks for the giggle by the way 🙂

    Just can’t leave my damn header alone, can I? [hee,hee}
    Yeah, nothing wrong with the dark side just when it has nothing to do with an appendage turning a vibrant tomato red.
    Double Yoiks!


  4. I love the comment ‘Tramp Stamp’. I just heard it the other night on one of those medical channels……regarding tatoo removal and then I read this… funny! YouTube does have some funny stuff. 🙂

    I have to limit my time at YouTube
    It’s almost as bad as StumbleUpon (a wicked cool Firefox extension…just ask Hannah)


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