Had a nice post for tonight but I never got around to writing it.
Maybe tomorrow.
I have some funky stuff going on with my left thumb.
It hurts like hell.
I think I have a sliver in it or something.
I would never put up an asshat post like this without at least giving you a cool link for your time.
I hate people that have no frickin’ clue about how to park in a big city, don’t you?
Click the pic above for one radical solution.
Nighty-night, folks.
Check back sometime tomorow . . . please?


4 thoughts on “Violation!

  1. Oh yeah baby, I’ve downloaded infraction #1, I’m cutting along the dotted lines and get’n ready for action 😉 Michael, at my work they have recently covered up the regular parking lines and changed it to parallel parking lines. THESE PEOPLE cannot adjust and have the worst time w/ this whole new concept, the result – I’m worried about more dents and scrapes to my car. Thanks for the hilarious link! Awesome as usual.

    I’ll be printing a couple of these bad boys out myself.


  2. I hate the way people park at my kids’ schools. If they don’t block you so you can’t pull out, they’ll sit in the middle of the street so you’re forced to wait until their brat climbs into their car/SUV. It’s infuriating.

    Thanks for the link. 😉

    SUV’s are THE worst.
    And yeah, I’ve seen some nightmare parking jobs at the schools as well.
    Sheesh . . .


  3. I usually leave a little note that might go something like this:

    Hey moron! Thanks for parking so goddamn close that I needed a shoehorn to get into my car. Next time leave a fucking can opener so I can get out. Assholes like you should take the bus.

    Or something like that.


    Maybe you should start another website . . . *-)


  4. my current favorite asshole-parking-phucknut-du-jour:

    there are NO spaces left, so testosterone-filled SUV boy literally RAMS his man-truck up onto curb, and leaves it wherever it gets stuck.


    this is how children are learning to drive (and park!)

    how about “take the river; shit floats!!”

    Man-truck? Brilliant. 😆

    ooops, a little over the top today, eh?


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