Blue Man Group

I’ve worked in Boston for over three years and have yet to go see these guys.
Actually, one of them is a customer of mine.
And yeah, he’s bald too.
Cool, short video.
Have a great weekend, peoples . . .


8 thoughts on “Blue Man Group

  1. Cool video indeed. I posted the same video on my blog a few months back.

    Never got the chance to see Blue Man Group perform live though.

    Gotta get there, BC
    Thanks for the visit, dude (or dude “esse”, you never know these days)


  2. These guys are real?? I seriously thought I’d just been doing too much acid lately.

    Blue, bald and yes, they’re real.
    The guy I know is completely normal but I think that changes when the blue paint goes on.


  3. I didn’t know they were real until just a little while ago. Before that I’d only seen them on commercials.

    I like the video. 🙂


    When in doubt without a post I usually go YouTube.
    Yeah, blue and bald guys work for me too . . .


  4. I’ve never seen them live though they seem to play around here often. I reluctantly watched a DVD once. WOW! Holy freaking crap WOW! I would LOVE to see them live.

    Once again, another reason to visit Boston.
    I work two minutes from where the show is.
    Jeez, can I make it any easier? 😉


  5. I just saw Blue Man at the Venetian in Las Vegas, from the first row. To be honest, the live performance was a let down. Maybe they’re just running out of material, but there wasn’t nearly as much energy there as I thought there’d be. For example, we were all given plastic raincoats to wear….and by the end of the show, I couldn’t figure out why because nothing really happened. Fun stuff, though.

    I have the feeling that after so many years in the running, something’s gotta give.
    One of these days I plan on going anyway just to say I did.
    I’m bummed your plastic raincoat was dry.
    Should have gone to see Gallagher sledgehammer a watermelon . . . :0)


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