12 thoughts on “De-Motivators

  1. It’s even funnier to see them hanging up on a wall in front of you at an office. 🙂

    I bet. Are they displayed at your office? How cool is that? 😉


  2. That picture reminds me of the one I did of Hale Bopp M… You have a copy of that don’t you

    Please don’t ask me to find it. Yoiks!


  3. I used to work with the classic “goal oriented jerk” Rick Pitino wannabe who had motivational posters all over his cubicle. If I had known about these I would have switched his for these in the middle of the night.

    I found these three particularly relevant, if you know what I mean:


    Great post!

    I agree. . .



  4. i gotta get me some of these!! they’re great!
    particularly the “blame” one….how damned true is that?? 😆

    Check out the links in Smith’s comment.
    They’re particularly apropos for anyone working “retail” . . .


  5. My favorite is “Bitterness”.

    I’ve always wanted to do an art happening where people were ushered into a bland waiting room with these kinds of posters on the wall and bizarre and dull books on the table, like “Postcards of Eastern Europe” or something similarly angst-producing. Hidden camera filming them. After fifteen minutes a door opens and they’re ushered into the back room, which is where the art happening is, and where the video is playing.


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