Vegemite Man

I received a care package the other day compliments of my dear friend Maureen from Australia. What began as a comment or two regarding the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Aussie staple, “Vegemite” turned into a package of many wonderfully Australian things.

It’s quite difficult for one to describe vegemite. Maureen says it looks like axle grease and I have to say she’s right. But the taste, ahh, the taste is unforgettable.
Malt, yeast and salt dominate this black paste and for some odd reason it reminds me of beer.
Then again, many things remind me of beer.

I was forewarned: don’t use very much.
God, I’m glad I read that little nugget of information.
Honestly, I think I could grow to like this stuff. Aside from using it as a spread on crackers or toast what the hell else can you use it for?




I’ll report back on how well the axle grease works out.

I was also sent an authentic boomerang. From the looks of it, if I had to feed my family using this thing as a hunting weapon, they all would have perished weeks ago.
I am, however, quite good at throwing it in such a way that it comes back and hits me.

Maybe I deserve it.

I also now own (and wear) a very cool red baseball cap from a golf course called
The Willows (courtesy of Mark, Moe’s better half.. Thanks, Mark!)
And I love the Australian flag on the back of the cap.

But the most unusual gift I received was a pouch.
This isn’t your average everyday pouch—this one is special.
It’s made out of genuine kangaroo scrotum (is there any other kind?)
Maureen says that downunder they use the entire Joey.
I guess she’s not kidding.
We’ve joked about what to put in it (my nuts?).
Those disappeared the minute I saw the actual lettering on the bag.
(genuine kangaroo scrotum)

I have a little something for Moe and Mark that left today.
I think we will soon have a budding Red Sox fan in Australia . . . I hope.

I’m sure you noticed the {huge} picture at the top of the post of yours truly sporting my new baseball cap.
I spent a beautiful sunny day in Boston with a beautiful woman, had a wonderful lunch at the Rattlesnake on Boylston Street and wandered breathlessly through the Hopper Exhibit at the MFA.
I’m not even going to try and describe all that I saw because I’d fail miserably.
I really would.

I will tell you a few things though; “Nighthawks” is a massive piece of art and much larger than I originally thought it would be.
I stared at it for 15 minutes taking in the detailed brush strokes of one of my favorite artists.
I kept thinking ‘His hand actually did this’ . . . I was gobsmacked being that close to a work of art so creative.
And though I’m no painter, Hopper has an uncanny ability to re-create light on canvas.
I’ve no idea how he came to possess this talent but this picture gave me the chills.
Online it looks fairly blasé but standing in front of it makes one want to kneel.
I’m not kidding.
It was an all around wonderful day and I feel so blessed.
If a Hopper Exhibit comes anywhere near you, please do yourself a favor and go.

Thanks, Moe for the package.
Look for the mailman late next week.

And yes, I want pictures . . . :0)



13 thoughts on “Vegemite Man

  1. I’ve seen Vegemite, and have smelled it, and although my gag reflex is non-existant for some things, it was very apparent when I smelled the vegemite, so I’ll just take your word for it that it tastes okay. You can have my portion, kay?
    As far as Hopper goes. *sigh* Jealously here. Pure jealousy because I know that something like that will never EVER come thisaway, but ah well . . I’m glad you had a great day with the wifey!
    Oh, and I like the nut bag too.

    The nutbag was very cool.
    I’ll cross my fingers that someday Hopper comes your way.


  2. How cool is this group of bloggers that she actually sent you an Aussie care package (a package, literally). So good to hear that you enjoyed yourself at the museum! You are freaking adorable in that hat man!

    It is cool, huh? I thought that too.
    I’ll take “adorable” . . . :0)


  3. i have to say michael, not only is this a wonderful post, but bloody hell that photo does you some justice!!! HUBBA HUBBA!! 😉
    you tell that wife of yours she’s one very lucky lady..and i can imagine you’re thinking and i’m one very lucky man too, yes?
    vegemite is an acquired taste, i’ll admit, but we teeth on the stuff…i can eat it off a teaspoon…YUMMO!!!
    mark is behind the pouch as i said…his sick mind went STRAIGHT to the gutter when i told him i was going to throw some other stuff in with the grease…no shock there! will keep an eye out for what you’ve sent..and thanks…for the parcel and the links…you’re a gem
    i’m so glad you enjoyed your day and the exhibit was actually more than you hoped for….i love it when a plan comes together 🙂

    A “hubba, hubba” and an “adorable”.
    Hmm . . . looks like it’s going to be a very good day. :0)
    I think you could put me away in a vegemite eating contest.
    And as for Mark: my kind of guy {as I join him in the gutter}


  4. Well, I was going to say, “Great post and a very nice picture.” But, after “adorable,” “hubba, hubba,” and “hottie,” I’ll have to admit…….well, let’s just say, if they put that picture on a jar of Vegemite, I’d buy some. But I don’t think I’d eat it. But I’d keep the jar close by… 🙂

    I’m glad you had a wonderful day. I’d love to see the exhibit. Maybe it will come to Dallas. Tyler has a nice art museum and dammit I’m thinking they may have had some of Hopper’s stuff there a couple of years ago. I remember seeing the little Hopper books in their gift shop – but I don’t remember seeing his paintings. I’ll say his style has grown on me since you have posted about him and I’ve checked out that website. The one of the two-story house is intriguing.

    Great post, Hot V-Man!

    I’ll say his style has grown on me since you have posted about him and I’ve checked out that website.

    That’s so cool. If I’ve turned even one person onto Edward Hopper, my posts will have truly served their purpose.
    Hopper painted the “boarding house” by the dome light of his car. Interesting, huh?
    In the gallery it looked as if there were actual lights behind the painting. Incredible.
    Thanks, Lolly. I’ll let you know if Vegemite ever picks up my contract. :0)


  5. Yum. I mean, really. Who wouldn’t want to eat axle grease?

    A few years ago, the man and I were in Scotland. He atre the traditional Scottish breakfast….black pudding, also known as blood pudding. Yep. Sheep’s blood. Did I mention the haggis? Sheep’s stomach stuffed with other, uh, stuff.

    That’s the thing about international fare. Sometimes it’s just an acquired taste. May you acquire all the taste you want, Michael. I’ll take your word on it.

    (I totally didn’t eat the blood pudding, either. Picky eater.)

    An acquired taste for haggis? No thanks. I’ll pass. ;0)


  6. My absolute favourite way (and I think close to the only one too) is to THINNLY spread Vegemite on toast or Knaeckebrot (Swedish bread? you know the hard stuff) and then layer slices of cucumber on top. Yummy and refreshing especially for hot days……
    By the way….. are you familiar with the ‘True Blue’ song? I think they sing about Vegemite in there too…..

    I’ll try the cucumber thing, Spas. Tanks.


  7. Red, etc: He sure IS a hottie! You have no idea how difficult it is for a short fat guy like myself to be working every day next to this hunka hunka burnin’ love (as elvis put it).

    Puttin’ up your pic now, eh M? Takes balls pal. God knows I’ll never do it. I always look better in women’s imaginations. (or with sunglasses). 8)


    Takes balls pal.

    I got stones, baby. You know that. :0)
    Hunka, hunka burnin’ love, eh?
    Diggin’ the linguistic funk, dude.


  8. never pegged smith as the jealous type…just goes to show you never know hey???
    jellyroll???? LMFAO…

    Jealous? Not sure about that.
    I’m waiting for him to post a pic. . .


  9. Haha — yes, vegemite IS a unique and acquired taste! My daughter went to Australia a couple of years back with People to People, and she brought this stuff back, too. It tastes like eating iron would, I think. It is very different. It reminded me, also, of Creomulsion medicine…and Triple S tonic, so it’s got to be a good source of iron. I saw it at the store the other day…but I think I will let it rest in my memory. lol I know that my kid came back home wanting to move to Australia one day. She said that the people are so laidback and friendly.

    people are so laidback and friendly

    Must be the vegemite! 😆


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