Hopper at the MFA in Boston

I’m finally going to the Hopper Exhibit at the MFA tomorrow.
Anyone notice my banner?
I thought someone would mention it.
btw, it’s called “NightHogs”, an obvious parody of Hopper’s “Night Hawks”
Lunch in Boston with my wife afterwards.
I gotta tell you I’m an excited little boy.
Look for a future post on the trip.


9 thoughts on “Hopper at the MFA in Boston

  1. well, i have to be honest i’m not a big fan of the simpsons and was hoping it would go away! 😆
    mark loves them, and i’ve tried, lord knows i’ve tried, but i just don’t see anything funny about them….i think i’ve laughed at 2 things i’ve ever seen…and yet i LOVE malcolm in the middle which is almost like a real life simpsons…go figure?
    besides all that? enjoy…both the exhibit and the lunch 🙂

    The banner is done (for now).
    I’ll keep you posted on the exhibit.


  2. I love watching the Simpsons reruns. Have you seen the movie? I’ve yet to.

    Thanks for sharing that website on Edward Hopper. I’m jealous that you get to go to see his paintings. They are spectacular. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    I may see the movie next week. I hear it’s fantabulous.
    I’ll keep you posted unless you see it first . . .


  3. Love the butt crack header of the Simpsons. I love that show. I have not seen the movie, first I’ve just gotta see “No Reservations” – I wasn’t going to see it, but after your review I thought I’d make my husband take me on a “date night” just to torture him for being a big turd sometimes 🙂 Paybacks…..

    As for the art exhibit you and your wife are catching, I’m jealous! I checked out the website and his work is amazing. I need to get out more!

    Thanks for the laugh with the “No Reservations” thing. Killed me.
    I’ll keep everyone posted on Hopper exhibit, although my words will never really do the man justice.


  4. I saw the banner yesterday and instantly thought of Hopper, though I didn’t quite know where to comment on it, and didn’t want to hiijack an entry *shrugs* anyhow, yes, I noticed.

    And you lucky dog, you. Hope you have fun!

    I’ll keep you posted, Red.
    Funny, I thought of you when I posted the header. . .


  5. I admit, I haven’t heard of him before. *ducks* But I clicked through the slideshow on the museum web site. I love the color and light in his paintings! They look almost as if they don’t need lighting when hanging on the wall. Like they shine from within. Very cool.

    Hopper was a stickler for details, especially light.
    I’ve been attracted to his work for years and I can’t wait to actually stand and stare.


  6. Awesome slideshow. I don’t think that the guy in the office painting stayed buttoned up for long.

    You may be right, Evyl, you may just be right.
    Real nice to see you back, buddy.


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