19 thoughts on “WordPress T-Shirts

  1. the last sentence says it…then I WOULD buy one…maybe you could get one and have it added at a printing shop?
    but in the absence of the url? nope…

    My wife says I don’t need anymore t-shirts or baseball hats.
    Besides, red’s just not my color.


  2. “Red looks good on everyone”, uh, yeah, I must have it now. I wasn’t sure if red was right for me, but now I know- it’s for EVERYONE! I have to have it. The girl is not HOT, look how long her teeth are, are we looking at the same girl?

    I said the girl was “kind of a babe”. I didn’t say what kind . . . :0)


  3. I think they’re rather nerdy, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. The man in the picture scares me; they should have photoshopped him out.

    I don’t know that I’d wear one of the t-shirts, but I could go for a sweatshirt with my URL on it. Now, that would fun. 🙂


    Yeah, the guy is weird in a pseudo-serial killer kind of way.
    My wife would have bought a sweatshirt, too.


  4. I have to second Moe. Sweatshirt with a URL (or at least a place to put your username). I wouldn’t get the shirt just to wear the logo.

    On top of that… That’s an awkward picture.

    It’s strange that they didn’t think URL! URL! URL! when they made these.
    I think they would have made a small fortune.
    Wordpress has how many blogs? Yoiks!


  5. In my mind, if you were going to wear a piece of clothing like this, it might as well say “Look at me, I’m a blogging geek.” But then that’s me. Nope, I wouldn’t buy it or wear it. I don’t have any shoes that would go with it. 😆

    Living with 4 women, I truly understand the shoe thing.


  6. HATE the red. logo is too big, and those people look way too phucking happy.

    if it were done tastefully in black or burnt sienna, with a much samller logo, and given GRATIS to those of you who hit the big 100K, well….maybe….

    love and peace,

    Logo, too big? Ayup.
    Waay too phucking happy? Ayup.
    Gratis for a job well done?
    Phuckin’ A
    Loving the burnt sienna . . .


  7. I have this freakish need to disassociate from anything that categorizes me. I mean, it’s like wearing those t-shirts when you’re pregnant that say “baby on board”. Who really needs that much information about your life?
    I’d rather use the 20 bucks and buy the sleeve of a Dolce t-shirt.

    Believe me, I hear ya.


  8. I’ll have to go with nope on this one…
    I don’t think anyone that lives in my town even knows what blog is and it would only cause mass confusion. It’s just not worth it.

    I’ll just have to believe ya . . . :0)


  9. I agree with whyvonne. That guy reminds me of the smiling dude on the male enhancement commercial.

    I’d wear that shirt if it had my URL on it. Otherwise, I’d pass. It’s too bright. Now, if they came in purple, blue or black I’d snag a few. 😉

    Purple would work for me as well.


  10. Michael, I agree…red is not for me. But check out the body language……?? she is free. and he’s for he!
    I will not use the gay word! but he definitely is not for ‘her’.

    Interesting angle . . . 😉


  11. I wonder if it is the shirts that are making them smile that big, if that is the case then maybe I’d wear one- if it came in black of course and said “Poetry kicks ass” on the front and then “Kim’s blog rules” on the back with my url 🙂 .
    My guess is that these two may have been hitting the pipe before this picture was taken–it’s the only way that I can see them being this excited over a red t-shirt with a wordpress logo on it.

    Hitting on the pipe is right. I think.
    Good call.


  12. PS your song was amazing. I will send you an email later on today.
    Thanks for sending it.

    CD’s are available. Ask Annie.
    She loves it. Actually, she’s an agent of mine. :0)


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