I read an article in the Boston Globe yesterday about the cat above named Oscar.
Whenever I see the word “dementia” in any article it catches my eye but add “cat” to the mix and it’s all over.
Click on Oscar and read about this fascinating little guy.


11 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. 😆 i was going to post this tonight…oscar was the main topic of conversation at work today given where i’m employed…no surprise there i guess..
    we’ve had 6 residents pass away in the last week so he would have been a cat on a mission where i work…amazing creatures animals..they seem to have an in built sense about this type of thing….

    It’s funny, he’s about a 45 minute drive away for me.
    I may just go to meet him.
    He is waaaay too cool.


  2. He was also on TV this morning in Canada…..
    My mother used to work in Geriartrics and I believe they used to have a cat in their home that did exactly the same…..

    What was his name? Curious . . .


  3. Oscar’s been all over the news around here. Made me a bit nervous when my own cat climbed up onto the bed this morning. Never mind the fact that he does that every morning. It’s because he’s hungry, not ’cause I’m dying…. I think.

    I understand, JS.
    Believe me, I understand.
    btw- great pictures. I could use some on the blog. You game?
    Let me know…



  4. I still wonder if it’s Oscar that is killing the patients *shrugs*

    God, no. . . .
    A cat would never do that.
    Especially a cat of Oscar’s stature.
    Have you ever heard about the story of the “mark of the Tabby”?
    Let me know. It may just be a future post.


  5. Oscar is one cool cat! What instincts….
    Imagine being able to feel calm and cozy when the time comes? That’s what I would like to think Oscar does for the patients. Rock On Oscar!

    I think you’re right, Lynn.
    And yes, Rock on, Oscar!


  6. I knew dogs did that kind of thing but was amazed to read about this cat. I think it’s an absolutely awesome story. I’m look’n to get a weenie dog for my daughter and we want to name him Oscar. So, this little cat had me “at hello”. Amazing!

    I love weenie dogs. A friend of mine has one.
    His name is Guido. Very cool pooch.


  7. I read that article in today’s newspaper. I do believe that cats and dogs can sense when someone is about to go. I also read that animals will get close to a person suffering from cancer or other illnesses., and curl up to them..No wonder I’m terrified of cats.

    They say this cat brings a sense of comfort to the resident on the way out.
    I just thought it was interesting enough to mention.


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