Sheesh . . .

Wow, three frickin’ posts in one day and not one damn comment.
And I broke the 100K barrier for hits.
Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow, right?
Click on the pic above.
Maybe you’ll have some fun . . . or not.
I’m going to bed.
Talk amongst yourselves. . .


“Returning after her mysterious disappearance, she sheepishly admitted she had been
salting the nether coconut-cream badger.”

10 thoughts on “Sheesh . . .

  1. Well, I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’ve been sick for the last couple of days , so I’ve gotten behind in my blog reading. That’s my excuse for being late to comment. 😉

    And congratulations on reaching the 100K mark, Michael. 🙂


    Awww, Kelsey. No worries.
    I haven’t been by your place in a while.
    I apologize. I’ll be by soon.
    Hoping that you’re well.


  2. That IS a milestone! Don’t worry…you’re not in my boat. Hubby’s laptop is broken, and so I laid off of blogging for a couple of weeks. Readership stats, save a handful (like, thankfully, yourself and about 4 others great bloggers), went to nearly zed. It was horrible to witness. I still feel the twinge in my blogging bottom from scraping the bottom of the graph. LOL! I learned my lesson, though — blog on…come technical difficulties or writer’s block, lack of comments, or sheer drivel…BAH-logggg onnnnn, maaaaaannnn! :D”’

    you do the same!

    Will do, kiddo! 😉


  3. I always come back – you’re in my reader man…. Congrats on your stats! I feel like a mom telling her toddler as she’s drops him off at the sitter – “Mommy always comes back” BAHAHAHH!

    Bella, you’re the best.
    Tanks, Jeeps and Army trucks.


  4. I guess with your kind of numbers you’re allowed to have expectations like that 😉
    Glad I don’t have those kind of worries (no comments, that is) or else I could have handed over green bills in plastic bags to my shrink, who I hardly ever get an appointment with nowadays because he’s got 12’543 blogs! hahah

    Spas, you deserve more readers, period.
    With the way you write, it’s a goddamned shame.
    How many blogs does your shrink have? Yoiks!!!! 😆


  5. She couldn’t believe her luck as she discovered him
    toggling the paisley moose.
    had to wipe the monitor when this one came up 😆
    and congrats on the 100k mark by the way….doesn’t seem that long since the 50k does it?
    here’s me hoping i’ll hit 10k by my anniversary in october…sheesh is right 😉

    toggling the paisley moose
    How’s about “toggling the paisley kangaroo sack”?
    Lovin’ the sack btw. Mucho comments.
    I’m coming down one of these days. I have permission.
    But, as soon as I can afford it. 😉


  6. Yeah, that sucks heh? I’m always surprised how many people come by and read but never say anything. It’s not like we can’t see the stats you know? Don’t worry you’re still da man. 100K YOWSER, that’s insane. Although I’m not surprised, you have a good wit about ya, along with great content. I think I’m at like 17,000. Meh, I’ll take it. kim

    You’ll be right here before long, kiddo.
    Your writing is awesome.


  7. Hey Mikey,
    That’s a hoot. Congrats on your 100K! Sorry, I haven’t been around much – work is crazy and I’ve been bushed.

    You are excused, Ms.WC.
    I realize you have more important things on your plate.
    No Worries. Truth.


  8. There’s no reason to apologize. I hardly have any new content, so there’s nothing to read. But you can wander over and see a picture of my new cat. 🙂


    Will do.


  9. congrats on the stats. always love reading your posts. and i usually ALWAYS comment because, well, “i’m talking and i can’t shut up!”

    honestly, i personally was “giving you some space” because of your recent vacation and sad-iversary.

    come and read my latest. it’s pretty black, but probably won’t come as any surprise to those of you who were following the saga. i got dumped, and landed HARD, which is apropos, since i fell HARD.


    Hard is never a good thing.
    I’ll be by soon . . .


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